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Praetor's Grasp

Sheoldred, Evile Creepstress Extraordinaire, sucking the essence from an unfortunate Mirrodinian, who's only crime was to be foolish enough to inquire after the sign outside, "Free Whatever it is that Delicious Humanoids Like!"

The model described having her soul devoured as "kind of hot, tickly, and slippery like a bubble bath! ... But also horror braided with agony and pure despair, indescribable by the feebleness of words. Can I get my $20 and go now?"

For Magic: the Gathering. Copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Special thanks to Lady Gaga for lending me her as-yet-unrevealed "spider-minotaur demoness" dress, made entirely out of the shattered dreams of orphans.
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That carapace really does look like something that Lady Gaga would wear!
Galinas-Claim's avatar
Weird, creepy, and all sorts of cool!
teeheeteepee's avatar
Life is fun. For some of us :)
Aw, the description slays me.
Septic-Art's avatar
does artist description counts as art? I keep smiling everytime I read these.
doubtingthomas's avatar
Well, damn, good sir, it's now your fault that I'll hear the "Leather Pants" version of Bad Romance in my head whenever I look at Sheoldred.

I'm kidding, I already did.

grim-show's avatar
I love your icon, is it a reference to Metalocalypse?
doubtingthomas's avatar
Thanks! No, actually, it's just me noodling on guitar. I think I'd already had it a couple years before Metalocalypse was a thing.

That said, I do like Metalocalypse. :D
grim-show's avatar
The twitchy eye makes me giggle. That being said, I've either had too much sugar or not enough. Probably both.
doubtingthomas's avatar
I am glad it amused you. :iconflonnefireplz:
Excelent, excelent!!
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Steve your work. Please I am looking for an artist to help me create a book cover illustration with three life like human characters in it. Got down $250 for this job. Please reply if you're interested. Please if you dont want the job, anyone you know good enough for this job? Will be very grateful if you can give me some contacts since I know you'll know zbrush artist friends equally as good! Will send you the work details after your reply. Cover is for a Young Adult Historical Fantasy. Have a wonderful day!
So does the girl die?
agentdoubleoneseven's avatar
I have a holo version of this, works wonders stealing peoples planeswalkers in my rainbow deck
karichristensen's avatar
Chatturgha0312's avatar
Sheoldred's lips are so sexy it almost makes up for the hideous carapace...
JamesILively's avatar
if you are a dude you may be a little but of a perv but you are a fucking genious
Why does drawing hot girls make him a perv? Are men not allowed to like hot girls anymore? Did someone forget to forward the memo about all males being asexual now?
skyhart24's avatar
This gave me a case of the heebie-jeebies, but then I read your description and all I can think of is lady gaga harassing a backup dancer. LOL still an awesome picture!
is it sucking out her soul?
gd801's avatar
I looove running steal cards, they are my favorite. People spending 80$ on their swords or 'walkers just so i can use it against them. And the art...O-O wonderously evile
Willard3rd's avatar
Love grabbing people crap and using it against them.
gizburg's avatar
So cool to finally see this art large enough to make out wtf it is.
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