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Mistress of the Elements

You should see this one cook. I'm serious. This shot may depict her mastering fire, water, and air. But she's equally adept with sugar, fat, and salt.

I tried convincing the art director that we should instead depict her in her more natural setting. In a lavish kitchen, wearing just an apron and a comically oversized chef's hat, with chocolate and cream, caramel and cupcakes orbiting her while she tastes a floating strawberry.

I was told that "it's hard to come up with game mechanics for that."

But perhaps, time permitting, we'll see that more truthful version of her yet.

For Legend of the Five Rings. Copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.

Wind machines by "Blowtastic Gustifiers: If it's really got to blow super hard, we can do that."
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Utterly Lovely.
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Why couldn't this be a Magic card. Absolutely stunning artwork as always.
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I'm loving these! The use of the elements is very beautiful!
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Is this art for a card? If so, which card is it? If not, what IS it for? (I mean obviously its for some facet of Legend of the Five Rings but what product is it featured on?)
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Elemental effects are mindblowing!
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Of all things to read while I'm hungry and waiting for my lunch break to roll around...

Beautiful work. =)
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this is a really good painting/airbrushing picture.
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Steve, i must say. i love your art. i also must say that you should be the flavor text writer for every card you have ever made art for EVER.
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Awww. I thought she was the next avatar from the last airbender universe for a moment.
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Gorgeous work! The details in the rocks are wonderful!

Thank you for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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Art: A

Commentary: A+

You made my day, Steve!
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Wow! Incredible work man! Very well done :D
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Thats very beautiful.
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Hahahahaha, amazing Steve !!
We could put a rat under the hat, is a nice ide-......... oh, Pixar already did that in a movie....
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Another favorite, done by the Chef du Cuisine, Steve "Jamie Oliver" Argyle.
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Love the composition and the flow of this iamge
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Brilliant, only thing I would say if she is to depict all elements then maaaaybe a more florishing background would put earth into it, unless you don't want earth haha but I think she would look flippin awesome and striking on a greenish background, just so the look of fire doesn't overpower it :p


As for just the elements really presented, brilliant. I love the color scheme and how the sky burns behind her then fades up to the purplish/pink, great. I also love the positioning of the subject, the pointed toes and resting hands match perfectly the look in her face. Cloth and everything flows amazingly-- you are a wonderful artist.


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