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So here we see the Chosen of Markov, fully transfigured into an even-hotter, wearing lesser, supercharged vixen of the night. I was wrong in my earlier post about her. This is worth it. Apparently getting bitten by Markov is better than having a personal Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Hollywood personal trainer, Cosmo makeup artist, and desperately lonely Photoshop hermit.

Evidently vampirism does have its perks.

It's like she's saying "gaze upon me, and know that I'm the iconic sex-symbol you'll never live up to."

For Magic the Gathering, copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

The model for this piece would like to mention that she is hot, her boobs are real, and that you should all send her $5. Yes, she really said this.
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Hey! Im looking for Vampire to art to feature on my companies Instagram. I LOVE THIS. If youre interested please shoot me a message! 
AshleyShyD's avatar
This is absolutely amazing....if you ever need another vampire model with real boobs let me know LOL
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Has she got a site? A Paypal address? Enquiring minds want to know!
Kmon13's avatar
Wow she looks very seductive... 
fiskloring's avatar
She can feed off me anytime!!  ;)
Sasha1378's avatar
I love your style, man :D
It is gorgeous.
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She is very glamorous, gorgeous, sexy.
But i still prefer stay in light of Avacyn :P
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this piece is amazingly good this was absolutely worth it its beautiful 
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<3 Your Art!!! Been playing MTG for a few years now
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Very glamorous, gorgeous, sexy, morbid, and sinister. Maybe in her glory days, Catherine Zeta-Jones could've pulled this off.
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Love the art work!!!...too bad the mtg card blows Waaaah!
vampirism, does wonders for ones appearance doen,t it?
schizoknight12's avatar
And the effects last forever ... until someone lops your head off or you are caught outside by the sun.
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So hot! Seduction is pouring out of her... even by her vampiric smile :iconburningplz:
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I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Steve Argyle is quite the fan of boobs. This I can agree with.
J-Henrique-S's avatar
I am completely in love with her. Brilliant! you are very talented. love it.
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