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Kresh, the Bloodbraided

Also known as Kresh, the Beefcake-ed. For the ladies, (and fellas,) who like's them a manly man.

Believe me, it takes hours in a make up chair to get that blood-smeared, sweat-glisteny, but casual, "just killed me a small army" look. And the diet is strictly Alaran whole-grains and raw dragonmeat. But when it comes time to crush all in your path as a tidal wave of sinewy muscle, it's worth every rep, every skipped brownie.

So, I've mentioned before, (if you're an uber-fan who actually reads this stuff,) that when I'm stuck on a design, I usually look to something absolutely unrelated. You know, stuff like pictures of jellyfish for mech designs and such. And once I point it out, you can't un-see it. For example, this guys spikey shield-thing? Turtle. He's got a turtle on his arm. I'm sure there's some deep symbolism in that, if I cared to BS some up.

For Magic the Gathering, Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

Bloodbraid boxer briefs by "Wiggly Joe's Biomonstrosities and Survival Goods."
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LOVE THIS ART. Whenever any of my friends play it at our regular Tuesday Commander Games, we announce it to the tune of Queen's Flash Gordon. "Kresh, oh-oh!..."