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Kresh, the Bloodbraided

Also known as Kresh, the Beefcake-ed. For the ladies, (and fellas,) who like's them a manly man.

Believe me, it takes hours in a make up chair to get that blood-smeared, sweat-glisteny, but casual, "just killed me a small army" look. And the diet is strictly Alaran whole-grains and raw dragonmeat. But when it comes time to crush all in your path as a tidal wave of sinewy muscle, it's worth every rep, every skipped brownie.

So, I've mentioned before, (if you're an uber-fan who actually reads this stuff,) that when I'm stuck on a design, I usually look to something absolutely unrelated. You know, stuff like pictures of jellyfish for mech designs and such. And once I point it out, you can't un-see it. For example, this guys spikey shield-thing? Turtle. He's got a turtle on his arm. I'm sure there's some deep symbolism in that, if I cared to BS some up.

For Magic the Gathering, Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

Bloodbraid boxer briefs by "Wiggly Joe's Biomonstrosities and Survival Goods."
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LOVE THIS ART. Whenever any of my friends play it at our regular Tuesday Commander Games, we announce it to the tune of Queen's Flash Gordon. "Kresh, oh-oh!..."
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Awesome Artwork!!
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It looks so caught in the moment. Amazing
O-O !

I love your descriptions!! And your art!!

On watch!
Brilliant work, and you're right, it cannot be unseen... I will forever refer to this as "Kresh, the Turtlearmed." Hope you don't take that the wrong way.
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May be you need some inspiration from Frazetta
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I love the color scheme and the anatomy on this guy. Fantastic!
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Oh damn! This is intense!
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"Why HELLO there Kresh, The Bloodbraid! Might thine be as skilled in loving as you are in battle? Ride with me"
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So hot and hunky lol
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Another name for him would be Kresh the Droolworthy.
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Hey Steve, it'sah me, Ziro (I bought a print from you in the board game festival in Essen, Germany ^_^ )
This one was among my favorites. Oh, who am I kidding, it was a tough choice picking *any* of your work - I'm your newest (über) fan! And this guy here is the incarnation of badass. The turtle shield is a great idea! Cheers :)
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What has been seen.. cant be unseen. Turtle.. But brilliant work, utterly dumbfounded by your skill.
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His chest hair had me hooked! Any other haido wouldn't do it for me. <3
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I have been away for sometime now and I can say that I have really missed your work its amazing in every way.... This piece is awesome....
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I first saw a shield. I then read the description. Now there is only... THE TURTLE.

Long live Graakgrouk the Destroyer.
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great work,, i like his hair & body
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Oh my god, he has a TURTLE on his arm.
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I know you're busy and all, but I just have one question about this whole turtle-shield-jellyfish-thing. How exactly do you get from shield... to turtle? Or from giant armored machine to jellyfish. Or from samurai to platypus (yes, we do read old posts. They're too awesome not to)? I guess what I'm asking here is: do you have a specific way of thinking, or do you just play the random game and go with what pops up first?

Holy crap, that is a long post. *apologizes profusely*
~A VERY VERY big fan.
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Well, if I'm stuck on something, or if it's just feeling too generic, I'll look at something totally unrelated, and try to figure out how I could incorporate something from it. So in the case of this shield, what I did was incorporate the basic silhouette of a tortoise, turning the flippers into spikes, and even including a skull as a head. I could have just as easily incorporated the scaley look of the shell, or the wrinkled, gnarly texture of the skin for a leather wrap. Take pieces or principles from seemingly random things, and don't get hung up on the actuality of either object.
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You responded! You just made my day so much better! *falls on knees in worship*

Ok, grovelling aside, thank you very much for the reply. I know you're busy ^^" I just have one more question. How do you think up the totally unrelated thing? I mean, if I were drawing, say, a fairy (as a random example) what would you think of?

Sorry, I'll stop bothering you know, I was just really curious.
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