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Heroscape first draft

This is the original final draft I sent in. But, ultimately the brand felt that the artwork should more closely correspond with the miniatures that were going to be included in the box. So I posted both. I miss the axe-weilding barbarian most of all.

A classic D&D get-together. Even with all the swords and stuff, for some reason, I think of this more like a cocktail party. Like the swords are just decorative martini shakers or something. And any minute now, they're going to break out Rockband or some Wii party game. They're just off screen, but much of the rest of this dungeon is furnished with bean bag chairs. (But, to keep it in canon, they're made of baby dragon leather.)

Art directed by Blake Beasley.
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Barechested guy getting armor and dat ass magician getting replaced with knight are for the worse. Palette-swap on high elf was a good choice to differentiate her more from the drow though now she wants for pupils. Arm and hair change on center-drow are neutral. Lighting touch-ups on arms are good.
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Nobody seems to care about the Black Dragon; he's just dropped in for the cocktail party.
If I could, I'd like your post. I laughed xD
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i love heroscape and i have this extention ! XD
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I like the fact you armed the dwarf with daggers - it provides a different perspective on it.
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that is one badass dwarf
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I am confused by the length of the sword that goes behind the dwarf's head. Should we see it on the other side?
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Amazing! When I see the box-art of my Heroscape set, I though it was great. But now that I see the original, I'm breathless. You're a great artist, congratulations!
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The barb is perfect. Love that expression.
Tifani-Malcolm-Black's avatar
Your description is probably the best I've read. :heart: Great work.
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I like this one, it's better than final concept =) awesome work!
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Is it just me, or shouldn't the two-handed sword of the drow be visible on the left side of the dwarf's head as well? It just seems too short for a two-handed sword and the angle the drow wields it suggests that the rest of the blade should also be visible.
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I love this! New desktop background, for sure.

I'm kind of iffy on the addition to DnD with Heroscape, as a die-hard Heroscape fan, but this definitely makes me want the product regardless! Definitely make it known if your art will be on future Heroscape products, I admire your work!

Your expressions are fabulous, your coloring is astounding, and the composition is superb. And as always, gotta love the booty!

The actual painting is fabulous too, I'm just commenting on this one because it's my desktop ;D
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Really like this version. My favorite parts are the white haired drow and the lady in the background.
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Indeed this one is better!
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You have the rare ability to make a 2D painting look like a 3D rendering... incredible, m'man :):horns:
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Wonderful work, I like this version best
amazing!! what kind of tablet do u use??
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I use a 21" Cintiq. Which is awesome. But up until a couple of years ago, I used a fifteen year old 6x8 original series Intuos. Which still works, and served me very well.
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I have to say I prefer this one! I really like the mage in the background. Looks totally awesome :XD:
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hah... i actually enjoy the one w/ the two female mages fighting each other better than the final... both paintings are amazing.. dont get me wrong.. i just believe that it brings a bit of balance to both sides.. faction wise?.. great work dude.. keep it comin :)
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:wow: Amazing! awesome colors ,details and cool characters!
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I prefer this one in a lot of ways. Covering up the guy that your brother in law posed for seems like a crime. You had such good muscle detailing on him. The armor in the final is beautiful too, but this version makes him look more barbarous. Both versions were done exceptionally well.
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