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Han Solo


Convincing Mr. Solo to pose for me for this painting was a feat Hercules himself would shake his meaty head at.  Mr. Solo does not suffer fools lightly, (as in: me,) and is pretty resourceful.  But there are things even an infamously nefarious smuggler-scoundrel has trouble getting his hands on.  Things that a cross-dimentional, multi-genre, time-travelling artist can manage.  

So the Millenium Falcon now has an incredibly impressive home theater system, with a nigh-infinite collection of content.  (It was pretty fun seeing his reaction to the Indiana Jones trilogy.  And Chewie is now obsessed with Snuffleupagus and Sweetums.)  The Falcon also now has a rootbeer replicator.  The hardest acquisition was a bit of advanced tech from the distant future, a little something from Andromeda’s robotic brothel planet Buzzfuns VI.  I think it’s best you don’t know details.

For Star Wars Galaxies.  Copyright Sony Online Entertainment, and everyone else you’d expect a Star Wars thing to be copyrighted by.

Special thanks to Original Green, the Mountain Dew Cybervixen who helped me smuggle the… thing with the thing out of the thing.

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Awesome work :3 
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You featured my favorite feature. That scar. So happened in real life because Harrison Ford was a badass who didn't wear a seatbelt. I will now spend the rest of my day staring at this.
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So freaking cool.  I love how dangerous you make him look. 
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Wow the level of accuracy depicting a young Harrison Ford as Han Solo is incredible, definitely going into my Fav's :)
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Greatest character of all time!! Awesome <3
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i think he's kinda handsome 
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This captures his expression so well I love it:)
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My mom absolutely loves this guy.
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Very awesome
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dude that's dope
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The only likeable Star Wars character imo.
(ok old trilogy Yoda was ok too)
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lol Mr Solo so kind for  posing
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The likeness is definitely on point. Really well done. And for the lighting, texture and details, they are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us
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Fantastic looking portrait!
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So beautiful. :aww:
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