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Guul Draz Vampire

The spider abstractions are so abound in this particular peice as to seriously call into question my capacity for an original thought.

Usually, when I'm stuck creatively, I go to the least likely corners of nature for inspiration. Monsters? Hmm... I'll look at some flowers. Angels? I think I'll look up "deep sea monstrosities." Samurai? I'll Google platypus.

That way, I don't quite as often end up with a concept that's been done to death. Even if I am wantonly plagarizing Mother Natures acid-trip inventions.

That's today's lesson to aspiring creatives out there.

On this particular peice, even though they're not so far from typical vampire lore, spiders took over my brainmeats.

Turned out alright though, no?

Copyright WotC, Magic the Gathering.

Art Directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Digital Spider Wrangling by "Arachniche Solurions and Fast Food Delivery."

Wallpapers, prints, and paraphenalia on my website. [link]
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© 2009 - 2021 SteveArgyle
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my favorite card <3 <3 <3

Are there any prints of this still available anywhere? Or a possible restock on your website?

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it turned out fricking perfect Steve!

before reading this, I loved the art on this card because she's so different from other vampires you see, but somehow embodies their stealthiness. 
the idea of her creeping through the trees, getting ready to assassinate some unsuspecting victim.... spooky. very vamp. very spider. killer combo. 
Nice, this is really an awesome piece! What would it take to use it on my website?
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Just Whhhaaaaoooww ! *o*
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this is fucking awesome! 
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I think it's worth comparing this to the infamous Spider-Woman cover, and figuring out why yours works so well while that one just...didn't. 
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Always thought shoulder and elbow talons were a cool addition to the Zendikar vampires. This peice was what first drew me into playing magic, I blame you for my empty wallet. I saw this peice in an Imagine FX magazine, 2-page spread, and proceeded to collect all your vampires from that set. Thing that made me laugh hardest was reading that you were born in Salt lake. I was born in Provo. You instantly became one of my favourite artists, and are definitely an inspiration as I aim for my own art career. Thank you for playing such an influencial part in my life.
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Une pose assez spectaculaire et une beau résultat
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OMG!! Bloody beautiful...stunning detail.. Featured here… Thank you and congratulations on this magnificent work :)
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This is my favorite card just because of the art.
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"Angels? I think I'll look up deep sea monstrosities!"
My hero, your brain works just like mine! :D
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my favourite!
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Wow great picture!
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Hello !! Happy New Year :D Your amazing work is featured [link]
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Very unexpected angle. Looks really nice.
Love this picture and love the description :)
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always one of my favorite mtg artworks
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:la: I squealed like some young high schooler when I saw this in your gallery. My love for this card's art is how my husband convinced me to start playing magic :giggle: :D
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