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Glissa, the Traitor

Glissa, sporting her brand new +3 can opener arm in a Spiderman-esque pose.

Glissa has gone through some changes in her life. On the positive, long, lustrous hair, and she's become quite the hardbody. On the other hand, soft fleshiness has given way to slightly monstrous metallic corruption of all that was once good about her.

Being composed entirely of metal has it's ups and downs. Cellulite is a thing of the past. A fortune is saved on body-shimmer. And, copper looks a little like a weird tan. But, turtle wax is more expensive and time-consuming than moisturizer. The bathroom scale is unabashedly cruel. Airport security is a nightmare of biblically epic proportions.

For Magic: the Gathering. Copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Our sympathies to the body polishing crew that Glissa sent to the emergency room for "overzealous and inappropriate buffing."
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That is very cool!
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Nice, looks like cover art for death metal album. 
utterly amazing!!
great picture!
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Impressive work!
I love how the advertisement above this picture is for 'modern art.' Couldn't help but laugh about that.
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Funny, I just was holding this Magic card in my hands yesterday :D
Great work!
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Dude your descriptions make the art so much more fun.
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Beautiful. Shock And Awe - NaNoEmo Day 6 Awesome!-fella-(messages) 
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:stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::squee::squee:Great Artwork :squee::squee:   stupidme::stupidme:  Amazing :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme:  :stupidme::
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Hahahaha! Amazing work! 
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This is my fav card in all of MTG. My girlfriend hunted down a playset of these for me last year lol. Great work man!
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My favorite magic card!
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Beautiful work!
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One of my favorite card arts ever
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Wooow, I absolutely love it!!! *______*

I read the Magic: The Gathering books about Glissa's story and I loved them!! ^^
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I could just imagine air port security, "Ma'ma this card may say that your entire body is composed of metal, but you still can't take that arm-length blade with you into the terminal."
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I believe you mean +3 MANopener. Man, Phyrexia is just on a rampage...
I wonder what would happen if you exposed the Eldrazi to Phyrexian oil...
Probably the end of all things. I wouldn't be surprised.
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I'm seriously wondering why she betrayed Mirrodin...
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