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Geisha Cyberfey

This was a concept/marketing piece for a fella who was going to make those cool anime figure sculptures out of them.

I really had fun with the turbine cyber-wingy things. Maybe someday I'll do something with this character...

Unfortunately, this was one of the extremely rare cases where I got stiffed. So copyright me on this. It's too bad, I wanted one of those figures.
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The colors somehow remind me of Jessica Drew Spider-Woman.
very beautiful ! Thank's for the pleasure..
evermore's avatar
Those wings are amazing!
pixelguru's avatar
A departure from your usual style. Very nice.
Night-Kreator-9's avatar
Wow, pretty colors
ThaddeusGrey's avatar
Well THAT'S retarded. People can be such jerks.
You should give patchtogether a shot. With such a neato design and shiney art I'm sure you'd get enough votes for them to make it ^^
DavidDavies's avatar
Wow, nice work, those wings are incredible.
Ghilemear's avatar
Perhaps a DA sculptor could hook you up?
SteveArgyle's avatar
That'd be awesome. I've been meaning to look into getting some of my stuff made into PVC figures and whatnot.
Ghilemear's avatar
That would ROCK.
Zephirice's avatar
it's a great one =)!
i specially love the color you used ^^ !! red is a good !!
drextalorr's avatar
Stiffed? What do you mean?

Excellent concept, by the way. I love your interpretation.
SteveArgyle's avatar
I mean that I didn't get paid. After I delivered the piece, the guy disappeared. Like I mentioned, it very rarely happens. But it still sucks. Oh well, I guess it's my character now.
drextalorr's avatar
Sometimes you gotta play dirty. That's too bad. What a loser. :D
robogirls's avatar
such amazing detail and smoothness it is flawless
xaelasis's avatar
Looks amazing with colors, no cuestion :D
great work!
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