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Final demise

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All hail the Mistress of demise!
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Wow, Steve. This inspired me to make a new Magic card.
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Whoa, you did this painting? Huge thanks for that, it's one of my all-time-favorites :D
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Really cool! I love the design of her mask. And the color palette is very nice as well.
smoochypooprincess's avatar
Fantastic work. The design simply can't be beat.
JoCoH's avatar
Stunning gallery and stunning picture. Impressive and perfect. By the way i like her mask, it has to say something.
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Fantastic work...
Tyterth's avatar
you're such an amazing artist :D
marshallpro's avatar
You have unlimited talent!!!!!
johnbecaro's avatar
love the expression!
Elandain's avatar
Man, I love it when you update! This makes my day. :D
SteveArgyle's avatar
:) Thanks! I'll be sure to do it more often!
Sileas's avatar
I love her expression, the blazing fury in her eyes. Beautiful piece.
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It's so disheartening when you post all this absolutely stunning stuff! :P
stevovo's avatar
Amazing execution as always, im just not a fan of the pallettte, but that just my preference-anti complimentary-colours.
i love the design on the mask
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It is an odd choice for a pallete. She's an old, evil necromancer, and I wanted to convey that sense of unnatural magic. I think black with purple or green would have worked too, but I wanted things to look hot, and immediate. Impending, building danger. Like a power up of evil. Or something.

I don't know if it quite works, but part of the idea was how things look right after a flash of bright light. Like we as the viewers were creeping around in the dark, with just torches or something, and in a flash of green, necromantic energy, she announced herself, and our eyes haven't quite adjusted.
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I see it now,and it is awesome!! Yeah its really cool like that,are you trying to say the viewers are goblinlike creatures?:D
SteveArgyle's avatar
Well, I'm pretty goblin-like...
morkalavin's avatar
This is just ... BOSS!

Am I right, hoping it's an L5R card?
SteveArgyle's avatar
Well, this one is actually for a D&D module called "Seekers of the Ashen Crown," that just came out a week or two ago. I haven't done nearly enough L5R art recently... Got to fix that.
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