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Everflowing Chalice alternate

Some of you may recognize this from the Magic card. And then shortly thereafter say to yourself "Wait, this is different..."

It's ok. I talk to myself, too.

This is my first interpretation of the Everflowing Chalice, where all colors of mana were represented, rather than colorless.

(Well, to be completely honest with you this [link] is the original interpretation.)

The real question here is: would you drink this?

Maybe it would help you decide if I critiqued it.

"The initial nose of this libation bursts with orange rind, spice, and the sort of warm smokiness that only comes from a pyre piled high with your conquered enemies. Upon first draw, the palate springs to life, almost as if panicked. Like your tongue was being pillaged by demonic dark chocolate viking raiders draped in oaky, caramel robes, stabbing your tongue with hot cinnamon-butter. This full bodied brew reminds me of a winter night, long ago, under a werewolf-skin blanket, with a pack of sex-crazed succubi. Certainly not a drink for the feint of heart, but taming this nip is worth the risk to your immortal soul. Reality may never be enough again. Cheers."

For Magic the Gathering, copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

Single barrel islay mana, harvested from over a thousand wild myths of Argyll, Scotland. Aged in a section of Jormungander's ribcage for 300 years. A truly distinguished dram.

(Please planeswalk responsibly.)

As always, more on my website.
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This deserver mythic rarity simply because of the artwork
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This leads to the question... Is that what you were drinking when typing the description?? If so... Where can I get some :P Amazing artwork and as always... Amazing sense of humor.
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Wow! This is just so amazing! I'd love to have this as a wallpaper to hang up! That and I'd certainly planeswalk responsibly!
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I've got digital wallpapers on my website, and prints for sale of all sorts of sizes for folks who want the real thing. So yeah, there you go! :)
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Yay! I'd also would get that one of Jace you did, as well.
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I'll have a sip.


It's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's in pain!
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Hey, was there any 3d involved in this? I love how you do fire! :)
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Wowser, I love it. Such a great card too. ;)
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Come for the art, stay for the hilarious artist's comment.
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this image is fav'ed...

it'll become chalice's multicolor big brother ;)
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amazing, and inspiring...
Everflowing Chalice was a pivotal card in our FFL testing, created several "big mana" deck archetypes, and linked beautifully to Scars of Mirrodin (Proliferate much?). You drew an artifact that taps for any color. An any color Everflowing Chalice can't be costed fair - it will either be too good or too bad. Since colorless Everflowing Chalice was "just right", we needed to print it as is. Normally, we never do this, but Everflowing Chalice was pulling so much gameplay weight that our only solution was altering the art.

So we bleached your illo. :(

At least Goldilocks will forever be able to sip delicious multikickered colorless mana.
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Oh, I don't for a second disagree with the decision. When I first read that it needed to represent a mini-mana fountain the likes of which puts 80's Starburst commercials to shame, I thought "Yikes. Sounds like a game-breaker. I will happily scribble the new love/hate card that everyone will talk about."

I think I've done more card alt art on Everflowing Chalice than anything else. Gumball machines, robots, everflowing beers and martinis. Popular card.

Thanks for stopping in, Kenneth!
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I love your description in the artists' comments just as much as a love the piece! XD
Cheers indeed, sir. Cheers. <raises glass>
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I want some. Seriously. Where can I get this?
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Very cool creation and colors once again!;-)
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Mmm... masterwork! Teach me to :)
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Sexplosion of colour and flavour! Tongue-pillaging goodness! :D
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I wonder what on earth is the flavor?

(For some reason, though, I don't want to know. XD)

Seriously, though, this looks gorgeous. It gives the chalice a phantasmagorical feel to it. (Did I get that right? O.O)
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