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Is this a preview pic of the new live action Nightmare Before Christmas II: Oogey Boogey Beach Party? Are the skulls singing "It's Actually Really for Serious Ours This time!" in seven part harmony? Is that sad, jawless fellow playing backup cowbell?

Sadly, no. That magnificent film was shelved in favor of "Dora the Explorer Meets the Care Bear Fellowship of the Rings" direct to DVD.

So then who is this mysterious figure? Zombie Hamlet? Darth Maul's albino brother? Alice Cooper in his shower robe?

I, of course, totally know. But if I told you, he'd lose all that wonderful mystery!

What I can tell you, is that the reference was shot on location. We snuck into Rush Limbaugh's giant "Cannibal Club" hot tub, while he was away devouring infants. The majority of the bones are from the tub, but curiously, there were no skulls. I think he may fill them with his copious excess bile, and offer them up in the dark rituals that must be how he conjured a career in the first place.

For Magic the Gathering. Copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Skulls provided by "Creepy Pete's No Questions Asked Cleaning and Disposal," a division of "Anything Goes Necro Supply" owned and operated by "Families, Traditional Values, Kittens, Puppies, and Candy for Orphans, a Nonprofit."
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Fantastic my friend!!!
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Another awesome piece of work on a legendary card.
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This is *phenomenal* work.
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This is awesome!! Quite humorous description by the way!
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Nice job. Looks so bad ass. 
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 You're very talented
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What a vibe, awesome work
Oh shi~
Its wonderful, great work!
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Siiiiicck, nice. I like this one alot, badassness is +8.
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fantastic execution of work
really mistical and charming character
you are a great artist
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I like comments that you add to each time :D
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Great art for a great card.

This picture PERFECTLY captures the feeling of the Golgari, and their reuse and recycle thinking, it seems hes gazing at that skull pondering the way he could integrate it into his plant/zombie/skeleton horror to continue the cycle of life and death for the Golgari.
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This is amazing! I love your art so mush. See you in taiwan!
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