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Deadly Allure

I'm often asked where I draw my inspiration from, or how I get my ideas, that sort of thing. I'll tell you. I steal them. My one and only true inspiration came in the form of a thought-stealing machine, which I named "Kleptykins," and now abuse at every opportunity. I use it so much that the power company sends thugs about once a week to tell me to knock it off.

This particular piece was stolen one night from Indiana Jones' Ambien-and-whiskey nightmares. After this point in the dream, it got... weird.

You'd think I'd use this magnificent machine to amass a collection of terrible secrets of powerful people, and be filthy rich from blackmail tributes. I guess stealing all my ideas has caused my cleverness lobes to atrophy. Anyway, I'm going to get back to pointing this thing at Hollywood and laughing.

For Magic the Gathering, copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

Snakes provided by "Pulled Out O' the Plumbin' Pawn and Peculiars." No animals were harmed in the creation of this painting. We did that before and after.

Oh, and check out my quasi-journal-post for sketches and some additional chatter. [link]
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wow, sexy and dangerous
Vandal030's avatar
She looks great, nice artwork.
hrwilliams's avatar
Just amazing details, you.
lord-of-the-shadows1's avatar
Oh goodness me, I love her hair, face and the expression she uses. manifique! :)
marblejester's avatar
The humour in the description verifies you're free of atrophy.
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Words cannot describe how sexy this is. 
c0rwyn's avatar
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Hello :) I've given this piece a feature over here -> [link]
FoolSightBlind's avatar
All out Awesome!...incredible light ,textures and concept
J-Henrique-S's avatar
No comment, I love how she likes the snake.
darlektris's avatar
I may pick up Magic just for the pictures... so pretty much how I built both my pokemon and yu-gi-yo decks xD
VestaNyxWorks's avatar
is she human... or a vampire?
jennypoussin's avatar
soo sensual in a dangerous way! :)
jennypoussin's avatar
seriously dark n seXXy!
WizardWolf359's avatar
What a wonderful seductive picture, and also one of my favorite cards to play mechanic wise.

That's like two boners for the price of one!
Mecarion's avatar
so very beautiful!
MountainStrongBear's avatar
An amazing piece of work, really. The detail is incredible.
licnobius's avatar
Genial! Great!
GMG5000's avatar
What I'd give to be that snake... just kidding, I'd probably be dead very quickly ;) awesome lighting, great detail - all round epic!
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