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Dawn Dedication

Matsu Fumiyo. Iconic living blender vixen of the Lion Clan. She keeps it tight by doing two hours of no-dachi training every morning, avoiding empty calories, and getting out and dueling to the death at least once a week. (A great alternative to boring, repetitive cardio!)

She says the secret to her staggeringly long hair is a healthy lifestyle, a good multi-vitamin, and shampooing with the blood of her enemies.

For Legend of the Five Rings. Copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.

No-dachi by Cleaveco Killn' Cutlery Company.

Sketches, prints, playmats, wallpapers, and all that at my website.
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...very nice -- love the sword.
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"the secret to her staggeringly long hair is [...] shampooing with the blood of her enemies"
I may have to borrow this line. :XD:
My Jujutsu dojo has its own forum, and I happen to have staggeringly long hair.

Pertaining to the image itself, I love how especially well you achieve the illusion of depth in all the artwork of yours I've seen so far. (Compared with other professionals I follow.) It's really inspiring to me as an amateur who keeps overreaching with elaborate backgrounds. Your textures, shadows, lights, and image framing.... Smoke starts venting from my ears just trying to imagine how you did it... :crazy:
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
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Truly amazing art
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Congratulations ! "Dawn Dedication" is 2d place of the last "Warrior of the Week" vote !
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I featured your beautiful work here: [link]
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Great positure, wow!
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She looks like quite death! great work
She somehow looks incredibly quick. Bet she moves in a blur when slicing!
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Wow. I love how the curve of her body makes a crescent moon shape with the door.
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great placement of shapes! interesting and beautiful :)
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You said no-dachi! :omfg:
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thats awesome
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Great picture, it is now my desktop picture :)

I wanted to ask where to find Cleaveco Killn' Cutlery Company? Is this a real cutlery company becuase i cannot find it on the web?

I am a knife and blade collector and have just started collecting samurai swords.

My first samurai is a cas hanwei raptor wakasashi.
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WOW! How beautiful:D
Great picture; samurai are the reason for my interest in japanese culture and this one is excellent.
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wow. she looks so feminine. but i think she can be really dangerous when she's mad.
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