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Dark Beauty

Katanas, kimonos, and a tattooed and evil beauty. These are a few of my favorite things.

I can't really comment on who this character is, so until further notice: She's exactly who you want her to be. That's right. Close your eyes and go there.

For Legend of the Five Rings, copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.

Sketches, wallpaper, prints, etc on my website.
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Daigotsu Akihime.
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One of my favorite L5R artworks!!! Ok, I think it is official, I am a Steve Argyle Fangirl!
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I like this style
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Love the tattoos. Is she a Scorpion or a Spider?
Reminds me of the myth of the samurai vs. the demon spider. Nice!
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luv this 1...thumbs up :)
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She has Pagan eyes, full of nocturnal mysteries asian chick. malicious looking tattoos. possible cursed ebony blade of sorrow, evil dark spectral vapors flowing around her, ominously unnatural green eyes shining with fell power.....I wonder if I can ask her out? does she like manga?
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I would. You've got nothing to lose. Maybe your immortal soul. But really, who uses those things nowadays?
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Love those eyes
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we're going with "run bitch run shes got a sword." this my all time favorite emotionicon because it is amazingly funny and it is listed under daily needs.
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Daigotsu Akihime: [link]

preview of the card was just released today :thumbsup:

:heart: your stuff dude :horns:
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Awesome! Thanks!
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This is just excellent !
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I love your tattoos and general body paint and markings, they add so much character to your... characters. Lovely painting :)
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The first thing that comes to mind is: "Liliana Vess: Japanese Edition."

Maybe that's because I'm not familiar with Legend of the Five Rings. Oh well, it's still a wonderful piece. Your attention to detail is amazing, as always.
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Luv how you backlit the ear.
Shahai maybe? :)
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This is just great! I love this work as well as the rest of your amazing gallery!
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