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Cleopsis, Eater of the Dead

Cleopsis, Eater of the Dead.

For Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead.  
A wonderfully clever world (underworld) filled with intriguing lore and characters. Death has been pilfering souls away from the war between Heaven and Hell, creating a haven for souls. Highly recommended!

The Sideshow Collectibles booth at San Diego Comic Con is a must-see for me every time.  I use my fancy exhibitor badge to come in early and spend at least an hour drooling over their amazing statues.  (I do have manners - I bring a mop and bucket for the drool.)  All the while my credit card is shuddering terrified in my pocket, knowing full well that I'm about to obliterate all sense of moderation.  I'm thrilled beyond my capacity to cram together pretty enough words that I have the opportunity to do some work for them.

As always, my process starts with a runaway cacophony of composition concepts.  I do dozens, then narrow down to a few to send in.
Cleopsis by SteveArgyle 

This one is mine very own!
20180929 144305 by SteveArgyle 

Copyright Sideshow Collectibles

The Court of the Dead employs thousands of undead souls and offers comprehensive benefits and an exciting and nurturing work environment.  Ask about the newb soul placement program upon demise!

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Who is this?! I drew the face from a picture I've seen but idk who it is!
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I love Court of the Dead too! I have Kier in my collection right now
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Quite impressive
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Wicked shit! (Excuse my French)😀
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Is that all one color? Because I do art all in one color sometimes if not mostly!
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Good morning friend, very amazing!!!!!.
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This is stunning! *--*
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Is it the "nom nom" kind of eater?
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Nice to see your composition concepts. Your very last concept made me smile. Very recognizable!

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Wow! I love the detail and the color scheme of this piece! It's so hauntingly beautiful!
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"bucket o' damned"
i lost it

On a more serious note, the design and artwork is outstanding. :clap: Bravo!
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Wow she is amazing I love this artwork words can not speak enough :D
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I love the texture for the skin, that must have taken a lot of time. I think she kind of lacks a neck but, weirdly, that makes her kind of creepy too, like she's "crouching" behind the mask. 
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