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The working title for this piece was "Willing Victim." You see, this girl has fallen to the oldest ploy in fiction. She wants the handsome, ageless, flowing white haired vampire hunk to take her away from this dreary existence. This he does by not actually changing anything, except that now her same dreary existence will last forever, she has to eat people, and the sun will kill her. So yeah, she's totally making out on this deal.

Anyway, that's what the ribbon is about. It's her sign, as she struts right in through the gates of Stensia, that she really wants Markov to give her the business, vampire style. Which of course isn't nearly as hot as it sounds. It's over in five seconds and all you've got to show for it is a slobbery-cold and punctured neck.

Still, Markov would eat Edward for breakfast and still have room for a Denny's Grand Slam.

For Magic the Gathering, copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

The model for this piece would like to mention that she is hot, her boobs are real, and that you should all send her $5. Yes, she really said this.
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Surrendering everything....already dying...😊😊😊😊