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Chandra Notablaze

Chandra, in a rare, quiet moment of not burninating everything in sight.

I've always had a soft spot for firehairs. Both visually, and their mythical propensity for passion. I've always figured that the hair that grows inside my brain is red.

For Magic: the Gathering. Art direction by Karin Powell.

Goggles by Retain-a-Retina Eyewear and Internet Filtering.

Alternate sketches, prints, and whatnot at
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This is... with no doubt in the entire world.. the best drawing of Chandra. Period.
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love love love the lighting. well done
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Before Origins, this would have been hard to imagine.
Viron7's avatar
The textures and lighting on this are unreal.
That is a the most lovely Chandra's pic. I love this art. 

There are some rule to make a playmat with this art? Because I wanna do one :D 

Congratz for your amazing work.
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Thank you!

On playmats: since Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast owns the artwork, unfortunately the rule is that only they can use the art.  Even I can't make playmats.  (Though I can sell prints.)
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Every detail is so amazing...

And I guess I love chandra flaming or non :)
I love Chandra <3
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That detail is amazing. And I'm always a sucker for freckles :D
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it is rare to see her like this huh? guess thats what makes her so aluring 
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You did a really great job on this piece .
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This is one of those works I will always look upon for inspiration. Call me biased because I like her and red cards but this is truly awesome.
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I so love this picture <3 its reaaaally amazing :D
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After I met you at Gencon this past weekend and I was told that I would make a great Chandra, I whole-heartedly agree. I will absolutely be cosplaying her in this next year. Be prepared Comic Con Indy and Gencon, there will be a firestorm brewing.
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how do you paint that chainmail
Excellent art! :o
Can I use this image as my profile picture in YouTube?
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This is a beautiful piece...and geez does she look like my sister....

animadk's avatar
Beautiful portrait!! Love it! :D
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Amazing detail and such a gorgeous face :) Great work!
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I'm not a MTG fan, but I just :heart: Chandra! And this picture of her is just gorgeous!

The red hair, the pseudo steampunkness of her suit, the freckles, the attitude, the FIRE!!!! What's not to love!?

Plus, the fact that she's paired with Gideon who is HAWT (teehee... Chandra likes hot things :giggle: ) doesn't hurt matters.
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