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Bloodthrone Vampire

Bloodstained lips are even sexier than winestained lips. The clawed up back would be worth it.

Once again, I seem to adopt a primal venom abstraction motif for Magic vampires. Implied spider-leg headdress, webs, and coral snake dreadlock wraps. There's also always something intrinsically unnerving about black scleras in the eyes.

For Magic: the Gathering, Rise of the Eldrazi. Copyright Wizards of the Coast. Art Direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

Headdress by Graveyard Fashion Surplus of Ohio.

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Vraiment splendide ! ^^
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Really Nice Work..Thank You. You capture something otherworldly an apex predator would be!
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This is amazing and I LOVE there anyway to submit myself to be used for art for the game??
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Awesome Artwork.
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I always thought the art on this card was ridiculously sexy.  Fantastic work!
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This is one of my favourite cards, not only for the mechanics, but for the art as well.  Simply delicious. :devil:
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Is it possible if I used this pic for an online rp game?
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this art and the machanics of the card is amazing

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Amazing portrait
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The awesome thing is: in the art, she looks a bit like she's contemplating eating herself. The card can actually do that! It's one of those awesome sac-outs that just says "sacrifice a creature", and doesn't specify which one. I've often made her eat herself to set off shenanigans in a B/R sac deck.

Anyway, gorgeous art, nice to see the original on DA. I think I'd better prowl through your gallery and see how many other old favourites turn out to be drawn by you! Keep up the brilliant work!
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OMG :D I have that card ^w^
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one of my favourites :)
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each time I hold this card in my hand I stare at the picture :) awesome
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