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Bloodbraid Elf

Here we have a lovely amazonian elf who's lost her way. Or perhaps found it.

For followers of Magic: the Gathering, this is a Naya vixen who found life in the barbaric wild of the jungle just a touch too safe and mundane. So she decided to venture to a place where you can become barbecue at any second, just because the land beneath you felt like burping.

I wanted to give her a sense of being an immersed immigrant. She's adopted much of the dress, customs, and ways of her new home, yet retains and incorporates her own history. Not entirely acculturated in this strange land.

For scheme, I thought it'd be fun to experiment with a mostly neutral subject on a highly saturated and active background. Kinda the opposite of what I usually do. It's amazing just how much color we perceive from context alone.

For Magic: the gathering, copyright Wizards of the Coast.

Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

Obsidian headdress by Sharphead, a division of Discount Bandages and Sutures Incorporated.
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Ohh she looks like my OC hermit. Lost, wild and beautiful! Heart 
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I would love to cosplay this~ would you mind? I would credit you of course!
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Wow! She is completely stunning!
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Amazing work :o

I hope you don't mind when I use it on my blog? ( Of course all the credit will go to you and I will link to this page.
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This is stunning. I love her piercing eyes and the amount of detail on her armour and hair, great job!
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This is one of my favorites of yours. Not entirely sure why, though it could be a passing resemblance to Yeva, who is one of my favorite planeswalkers. I guess I'm a sucker for white-blond hair and green eyes.
Vixen, you really love using that word, do you ever think why?
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She gorgeous! Heart - Free 
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This is really cool, I love her design. :)
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She looks f**king hard core :D
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Love this, one of my favorite deviations to date
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this is absolutely breath taking!
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she is stunning love her... added to faves
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