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Arakyd AZ-Series Battle Droid



My very first Star Wars invention. All the artwork up until now has been based on existing characters and technology. Which is part of the fun of Star Wars. To be creative with cannonical characters and tech; to bring something new while staying true to the original.

But I was very excited to get a chance to make up a droid. This particular little fella had only a brief description in one of the novels. So there was alot I could do within the framework of that description. (Which was basically: four legs, a cannon, and a pincer arm.)

It was difficult to resist the temptation to make it look like a Megaman villain. "Crabman," or "Canopenersquidman," or somesuch.

I still sometimes listen to Megaman remixes while I work...

Copyright WotC and LEC.

Art Directed by Blake Beasley.

Wallpaper, prints, and paraphernalia available on my website [link]
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This looks awesome.

Has to be one of the most terrifying droid designs I have yet to see.

First saw this thing on Wookieepedia, and it immediately grabbed my attention, well done. ^^