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Angelic Arbiter

And this was the last thing I saw as they punted me out of heaven. They've got these super stingy rules about fraternizing with human women. Lame.

In the sketch phase, me and Jeremy (Magic AD,) were experimenting with the idea of a "covenant" motif for this. If you check out the sketches ([link]), you'll see that she almost got a face-tattoo of Magic's version of the Ten Commandments. (Which I imagine are way more fun than the real Ten.)

For Magic: the Gathering M2011. Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis. Wing styling by Ornicures B' We.
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Very nice. My foil one looks great!
I have got this card!! :3

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love this card ^^ the artwork is beautiful
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very cool...
Sexy and deadly...angels should look this way!
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Just got this card today, love the wings and the feel of the card. Very powerful image :D
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This artwork is the epitome of radiance. Excellent work.
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This reminds me a bit of Tyrael (Diablo), mostrly the streams bellow :) Love the wings! :)
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Very cool, epic :)
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Just got my hands on one of this card!

I'd like to get another Ç_Ç
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This is awesome. I just got into MtG a few months ago and I'm already good at it, well somewhat... I bought the Blades of Victory deck and I have to say this is my favorite card out of all of them. I've played a few matches with my friends and a Drum Major from my HS band and I summon my Angelic Arbiter and then my Drum Major plays Doom Blade, killing my best creature I had out.
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This is so amazing! Would u mind if I use this as a wallpaper for my computer?
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Go for it. Most of my paintings I've got wallpaper sizes for on my website. I should update this one with a wallpaper size.
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The luminosity on this piece is simply amazing. I really like the effect.
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love the detail and the dramatic lighting.
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