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Amnesia Fine Spirits

"Amnesia: Forget Your Troubles" and probably everything else.

A bit of practice gone completely off-the-rails.  I do a sketch group on Facebook, and weekly(ish) livestream on Youtube called Sketch n' Skotch.  The prompt was "Fictional character merchandising/endorsement deals."  I kinda wanted to do a study on refractive surfaces like glass and water, so I came up with this loosely Magic the Gathering inspired liquor, Amnesia.  And I just kept going with it until it became this pretty well fully rendered painting.

Try it in cocktails, protien shakes, or as salad dressing!  Great for removing stains or pesky memories! 

97% lead-free and made with 100% organic non-gmo turpentine!

Copyright Steve Argyle.

Drink responsibly.  By drinking and buying lots and lots of Amnesia.  We've got bills to pay too, you know.  
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© 2018 - 2021 SteveArgyle
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Pretty sure the first thing it removes is your home address :XD:
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Heheh, very good work!
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Fantastic color choices, I'm loving that purple! 
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Thank you!  I like using analogous color schemes.  Brings a lot more life to things that would normally be monochromatic. Like this, a blue bottle being hit by water.  Would probably be boring if it were just... blue.
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I'll try doing that too! Because I'm color-blind, colors are admittedly not my strong point lol.
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OMG! This is a digital painting? I THOUGHT IT WAS REAL.. 

(jaw drops to floor)
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Thank you so much!  I was going for as realistic as I can, since it is (or at least started as) a study.
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I'm flashed how well done you got this water and glass effects! Yoi definitly got your topic perfectly!
Also I love this idea of amnesia drinks haha
It kinda makes me think about, how or better IF I would drink it ;o
Kinda makes me question life, choices and the whole world xD ! I like artworks, that makes you start to think ~ ❤
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Thank you so much!  I had a lot of fun, I found it interesting and challenging to have so many interacting effects.  Learned a lot.
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That's perfect! ♡
I'm glade to hear that!
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