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Cleopsis, Eater of the Dead
Cleopsis, Eater of the Dead.

For Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead.  
A wonderfully clever world (underworld) filled with intriguing lore and characters. Death has been pilfering souls away from the war between Heaven and Hell, creating a haven for souls. Highly recommended!

The Sideshow Collectibles booth at San Diego Comic Con is a must-see for me every time.  I use my fancy exhibitor badge to come in early and spend at least an hour drooling over their amazing statues.  (I do have manners - I bring a mop and bucket for the drool.)  All the while my credit card is shuddering terrified in my pocket, knowing full well that I'm about to obliterate all sense of moderation.  I'm thrilled beyond my capacity to cram together pretty enough words that I have the opportunity to do some work for them.

As always, my process starts with a runaway cacophony of composition concepts.  I do dozens, then narrow down to a few to send in.
Cleopsis by SteveArgyle 

This one is mine very own!
20180929 144305 by SteveArgyle 

Copyright Sideshow Collectibles

The Court of the Dead employs thousands of undead souls and offers comprehensive benefits and an exciting and nurturing work environment.  Ask about the newb soul placement program upon demise!

Amnesia Fine Spirits
"Amnesia: Forget Your Troubles" and probably everything else.

A bit of practice gone completely off-the-rails.  I do a sketch group on Facebook, and weekly(ish) livestream on Youtube called Sketch n' Skotch.  The prompt was "Fictional character merchandising/endorsement deals."  I kinda wanted to do a study on refractive surfaces like glass and water, so I came up with this loosely Magic the Gathering inspired liquor, Amnesia.  And I just kept going with it until it became this pretty well fully rendered painting.

Try it in cocktails, protien shakes, or as salad dressing!  Great for removing stains or pesky memories! 

97% lead-free and made with 100% organic non-gmo turpentine!

Copyright Steve Argyle.

Drink responsibly.  By drinking and buying lots and lots of Amnesia.  We've got bills to pay too, you know.  
Spellweaver Duo
"Spellweaver Duo" for Magic the Gathering: Battlebond.

This piece didn't make it onto the greatest card ever.  That happens sometimes.  As far as Magic the Gathering goes, this card is likely doomed to obscurity.  Disappointing, but I do like the way the art turned out.  I wanted to convey a sense of synergistic strengths combining.  The man, summoning and harnessing raw power from the surroundings.  The woman, harnessing and fashioning that energy into a potent sorcery.  The sum of their skills creating more than either of them could alone.  Together, they take over the world or something.  I hadn't thought that far ahead.  But probably world taking-over.  That seems to be popular with power-couples these days.

Copyright Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.

Tattoos by Stabbytime Ink and Vintage Candy.  "When you wake up from the sugar coma, you'll be living art!"
Bowsette Liliana of the Veil
AKA "How to bandwagon, buy your friendly neighborhood Steve Argyle.

I do a lot of card alterations at conventions.  I'm in the thousands now.  What was once a simple request for an autograph on a Magic the Gathering card has evolved.  First, simple things like adding a top-hat and monocle to "embellish" the autograph.  And over time, it's grown to finally come to this.  Embracing the meme with both arms bear-hug-style and a conviction to never let go.  

I do these with Decocolor Paintmarkers, Copic Sketchmarkers, and Sharpies.  More info about the materials and process on my website:

No childhood innocence was harmed in the making of this alter.  (Okay, probably a whole lot...  I apologize for nothing.)
Renewed Faith
"Renewed Faith" for Magic the Gathering.

This is pretty much as close as I get to religious art.  I've always figured that if at some point, everyone spontaneously stops caring about my work, and stops hiring me, I'd decide between the two "dark sides" of making a ridiculous amount of money as an artist: Religious art, or fan-art porn.  And I have to be honest, I'm much more inclined toward the latter.  I grew up in the very preachy environment of Hypermormonville, UT, and my skin burns anytime I'm within a hundred yards of a church of any kind.  That's not to say I don't appreciate that religion has it's place - it's just not for me.  Like skydiving isn't for fish, veganism isn't for tigers, and blacksmithing isn't for hummingbirds.  But there is something about a GOOD religious painting.  Which are few, and far-between.  They're like 1/1000, because holy Xenu there's a lot of cut-and-paste turbo-generic Jesus paintings out there.  But a good religious painting can pull at something in us.  Connect us to something.  And that's what I was going for in this piece.  That sense of being intimately connected to a higher power.  A higher power like a good whiskey, or a really great movie, or a dripping mountain of fresh donuts.

For Magic the Gathering, Dominaria.  Copyright Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.

Shot on location at Stained Glass and Altered States Spiritual Escape Rooms, Inc.  "It's not drug abuse if it's a religious experience!"

No stained glass was harmed in the production of this painting, as per the request of Westley "the Dread Pirate Roberts." 

More of my work and info at:


Steve Argyle
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
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All inquiries, praise, and blackmail demands should be sent through my website contact page: It's cozier there anyhow.

It wouldn't hurt to read my FAQ first. I've probably already got an answer to your question. I'm sure that if you tried, you could come up with something I haven't heard before. But it's not easy.

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I am not available for private commissions at this time.

No, I do not put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. (That would mean I'd be wearing pants.)

Auckland, NZ 2015 - Day One

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2015, 6:03 PM

Day 1 – Getting the hell to the other side of the planet – the (technically) three day journey.

The awkward wrestle of transporting our chimeric towers of luggage has become a familiar choreography.  A cantankerous jig of squeaking wheels, clanks, clunks, and the occasional profane outburst.

Checking in to our flight, we are surprise ambushed by a monster so common it needs be in no Dungeons & Dragons manual.  Perhaps the most sinister of their genus, the red-tape viper, (technically an elemental,) has many natural nesting grounds, preferring dreary cubicles, but has also become an invasive species of the wilds of the internet as well.  It paralyses its prey with a long tail of paperwork, and has two sets of venomous fangs, colloquially referred to as their fees, and their more poisonous penalties.

This particular species we had not encountered previously, despite the great deal of time we’ve spent navigating through its preferred territory.  But we should have known.  We were, after all, travelling through Australia, land of everything-here-kills-anything.  The Temporary Visa Even Though You’re Just On A Connecting Flight Sidewinding Red-Tape Viper struck as soon as we presented our passports at check in, and though the bite was a small $40, the paralysis a brief forty five minutes, we started our journey with the lesson we needed to be wary in this new land.

I have no idea how people survived long-haul flights before there were prolific electronic devices, and video players in the back of every seat.  I can only assume that every single passenger on every single long-haul flight in those dark ages would stop by the duty-free store before their flight.  Selecting a bottle of their preferred 80-proof way to wash down the fistful of pills they’d talked their doctor into prescribing for “nerves” and/or “back pain.”

Personally, I use the time to watch bad movies that I secretly wanted to see, but had to wait for the excuse of “Well, I ran out of everything in their ‘Critically Acclaimed’ section.  Therefore ‘the Hangover’ trilogy was all that stood between an uneventful flight, and an emergency landing to expel and probably arrest me after what happens when I get bored!”

Even so, I will echo the cries of countless airline nomads.  The seats are apparently designed by devious chiropractors who have turned to the dark-side; sinisterly engineered to turn the human spine into an aching bramble of tangled vertebrae.

Upon arrival in Sydney airport, we begin our forage for snacks, and survey for a lounge for our eight-hour layover.   (Which became a ten-hour layover.  Thanks, cyclone Pam.)  Kat, for the umpteenth time of the day, uses her mutant power to Cerebro-style detect every person from the Phillipines within a two-mile radius, finding some very helpful lounge gatekeepers.  Phillipinos are always incredibly friendly and open, marveling at Kat’s proficiency in a very uncommon second language.  At least I think that’s what happens.  They’re speaking Tagalog, so for all I know, it’s a cultural thing to argue with bright smiles, and they were actually in a vicious verbal duel.  If that’s the case, Kat is deadly.  And victorious once again, we find ourselves in the American Express Lounge, surrounded by snacks.  And for many hours, solitude and serenity.

I semi-industriously scrawl sticky paintmarker across the tiny, but remarkably expensive canvases of Magic cards.  The rare interruptions are pleasant folks asking what I was doing, or hovering ever closer until I offer for them to take a look.  I’m reminded how few adults engage in creating art every time I’m in a public place doing just that.  People orbit around me, their eyes tethered with a quiet curiosity as though I was practicing a craft they’d only heard of in legends.  Long before anything interesting is on the page, mind you.  And when they finally decide to swoop in for a brief conversation, it does not matter how far along the drawing is: I am seven  years old to them.  I can have four wobbly lines, and they will exclaim “Oh my gosh!  You’re such a good drawer!  That’s so amazing that you can do that!  Boy, I wish I could do that.  I bet your parents are very proud!”  And if they happen to have an actual seven year old along with them, I get introduced to the children as though I am the Avatar-god of Dreams Fulfilled.  Steeped in myth, with the power to inspire a young mind with but a few words, gifting everlasting keys to forge destinies, conquer all obstacles, and live every hope one will ever have.  This, of course, always ends in disappointment when I offer up something like “Yeah, it just takes practice.  Art is no different than anything else.  Put the work in, and you can do whatever.”  It’s like they expected my words to call a rainbow on a bolt of lightning, revealing the gift of a talking pegasus, hand them an amulet that fulfills desires; and what they got instead was a grunt of “meh,” and mildly farty dog wanders in from somewhere and won’t go away.

Our oasis paradise of free snacks and power strips was not to be entirely blissful, however.  There is another sort of family, with another sort of child, that you’ll occasionally encounter out in the wild.  The family that advertises vasectomies far better than any pharmaceutical company ever could.  The family of gremlin children born to zombie parents.  This will be how we spend our final hours in the airport lounge.  Peace broken by a dozen adults, trailed by what seemed like a thousand grabbing hands and slobbering mouths.  A rising tsunami of smelly bodies, screeches and howls, leaving everything in their wake sticky, gross, and somehow violated beyond the realm of physicality.  The “adults” scavenge the free bar like starving, shell-shocked survivors of the apocalypse, drenching and drowning what was left of the awareness of the multitudinous horrors they’ve unleashed, with whatever bottom-shelf liquors they could find.  In the meantime, those tiny humanish-shaped horrors descended upon the lounge as slimy pink locusts suddenly let loose from their 12-hour imprisonment on a plane.

These people and children are…  less than pleasant.  I had to save several Liliana of the Veil from literally being eaten.


Arriving at the hotel after midnight, the instructions for getting in included getting our room key from a safe in the lounge.  We arrived along with a handful of players, who opened the safe and rifled through a handful of envelopes exclaiming “Steve Argyle!”  Silly me, I thought they had recognized me, and wandered up to claim my envelope.  “I’ve got a ton of stuff to get signed.  We should totally wait in his room and ambush him.”

“Hi guys!  Hope to see you tomorrow at the show!  Have a good night!”  And gestured for my envelope.  They looked at me with an inquiring scan, suspecting I was a crazy person.  While not wrong, I clarified “that one’s for me.”

“Nice try.  There’s just ours, another group we know, and Steve Argyle’s”

“Yep.  Steve Argyle.  …  Um, that’s me.”

They then delightfully lost it for exactly seventeen seconds.  A frantic whirlwind of questions and compliments later, we parted ways to hibernate in our remarkably large suite.  We were in Auckland.  The GP was about to begin…

  • Listening to: Half of the voices in my head. The rest is jerks.
  • Reading: I'm trying to learn how.
  • Watching: Every step you take, every move you make.
  • Playing: a lovely little fiddle ditty vs. the devil.
  • Eating: Whatever wanders close to my glowy angler tongue.
  • Drinking: in the irony of it all.

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