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Vote Six (2013)

By SteveAndrew
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A rare poster from The Doctor's ill-fated sixth run for the Gallifreyan Presidency in 5196. The Time Lords liked his running mate (running mate, get it?) Perpugilliam Brown, but frankly found The Doctor to be a bit of an arse at first. By the time of the first debate, he mellowed somewhat and voters began to warm to him, but it was all too late...

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...and not a moment too soon."

Six has my vote right away! :D
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I love everything about this. Everything.
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Thank you! :D (blushes)
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He could do better than Obama.
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Indeed so, Colin. Indeed so. (and fitting, given what will happen soon...)
Azulzinho35's avatar
This is so Clever!
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Arcalian's avatar
And it seems not a moment too soon!
wolfin22's avatar
and not a minite to soon
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This is a very neat poster and it makes me laugh. This is vector right? How do you create these?
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Thank you! :D

I probably did this in entirely the wrong way! I'm a huge fan of Adobe Illustrator and use it frequently at work. Sadly it's a bit expensive for me to get a copy for my creaky old MacBook at home. I tried Inkscape, a decent free alternative but, although I can see it has potential, I had a lot of trouble getting used to the interface. (I've been using Adobe products for the best part of 20 years, so my mind has trouble using non-Adobe keyboard shortcuts!)

So, I just ended up doing this with the lasso tool and layers in Photoshop, simple as that. I had to use a photo of Colin and an Obama poster for reference. If you zoom in veeeeeeeery close, you might be able to see that some edges aren't as smooth as vectors.
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Wonderful work!
SteveAndrew's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
whatthefoucault's avatar
Gosh DAMN,, this makes me happy. Heck, I'd have voted for him.
SteveAndrew's avatar
Me too, but sadly he was fired before he could complete a full term in office... ;-)
whatthefoucault's avatar
I see what you did there ;)

*weeps bitterly*
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"Yes, it ISN'T a moment too soon!"
JZLobo's avatar
I'd vote for him!
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