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Doctor Who: Dark Journey (2015) Full by SteveAndrew Doctor Who: Dark Journey (2015) Full by SteveAndrew
For the last few weeks I've been working on this, a Target book pastiche for the excellent fan-produced audio series Doctor Who: Dark Journey. The basic premise involves the Doctor arriving in Victorian London in 1888 and getting caught up in a supernatural adventure alongside Sherlock Holmes. It's an unspecified future incarnation of the Doctor, traumatised from the aftermath of the mysterious Noble Project, the details of which may be teased out over the course of the drama. As for Holmes, he's in the midst of trying to solve the crime of the century: the Ripper murders! There's fog, there's booze, there's a pimped magnifying glass, there are sultry wenches, there are sinister monsters and stellar alignments.

It's dark, spooky, but most of all it's bloody good fun. The atmospheric sound design and voice acting are excellent. I really enjoyed it (and not just because they've kindly plastered my artwork all over the place) and can totally recommend it. There's tremendous chemistry between the Doctor and Holmes - they make a splendid team. And there are several easter eggs and in-jokes sprinkled throughout. Season 1 can be heard at AM Audio Media's site here: Season 2 is coming soon!

The image above (done in my ham-fisted Chris Achilleos rip-off-style) features Andrew Chalmers as The Doctor, Roy Miranda as Sherlock Holmes and Larissa Benfey as Cassandra.
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Cool idea 
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Thanks! It's a great audio drama, really recommend it.
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