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Another Target book homage, this time based on Roy Knipe's wonderful front cover for the 1979 novelisation of Hand Of Fear (see here for a compare and contrast: [link] ) Oddly the poses for Tom and Liz were actually taken from a promo for Planet Of Evil, which I didn't find out til much later.

It seemed a fairly obvious idea, swapping the shadow of Eldrad's hand for the Angel, but it works OK. I had to use photo reference for the faces - Karen Gillen especially has such a difficult face. But Matt's face is probably more successful (taken from a screengrab of him in Vampires Of Venice, fact fans.)

This is also a bit of a milestone for me - every picture I've done so far has had some element done with pen & paper. I got a new Bamboo tablet for my ageing Macbook and this is the first picture I've done (outside of my day job) entirely digitally. Tremendous fun, I'll definitely do it again. Not sure what I might do next - I've got a couple of Smith and Tennant stories in mind.

UPDATE: I've made a couple of minor changes - lightened the front cover as it was a bit dark and sorted out the proportions closer to an actual Target novel.
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