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Doctor Who And The Cold War (2013)

I loved the old Target books, still have loads of them. If you're a parent of a young Doctor Who fan - I totally recommend them, they still hold up really well. They're easy to read and great fun.

Anyway, this is hardly an original idea, but after last week's fantastic episode Cold War, I couldn't resist ripping off Chris Achilleos' classic cover to The Ice Warriors from the 70s. (Keen Target fans will note I used the green logo from the original 1976 1st printing of the novel!)

And no - she looks nothing like Jenna Louise Coleman - I was in a hurry!

UPDATE!: In my haste I forgot to mention - the 70s Doctor Who logo is an adapted version of an excellent detailed classic diamond logo, made by the talented :iconghigo1972: You can find the vector version here: I'd been searching for a decent diamond logo for ages. More great logos and icons available in his gallery!

MINOR UPDATE: Slight lightening of image and resized to fit Target book proportions. You shouldn't notice any difference.

MAJOR UPDATE: Clara now looks a lot more like Jenna, hopefully.
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To match that cover, and turn it into this sort of amazing artwork is fantastic.
This feels like the Ice warriors and Cold war was close in the timeline.
as we saw with Empress of Mars, the Doctor meets them in different parts of their civilization.
So this works so well as like a sequel cover.

Amazing Job, and yes, the target books are beautiful to look at.
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Thank you! It was my first. :)
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OK, this is some seriously impressive work ! :-) Not to mention amusing. ;-)
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I'm lucky enough to have a pair - though one is the "Programme Guide vol. 1", so I guess it doesn't really count so much. The other is one of the Lost Episodes, 'Marco Polo," so is a greatly appreciated inheritance.
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I saw the Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors cover and this is awesome!
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Thanksssssss very much! :D
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Good episode, good cover. :D
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Thanks very much! :D
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My cousin had some of the Target novelisations, that's how I originally found out about Doctor Who. Unfortunately, that was about 12 years ago, and he's moved since then and lost the books :( I bet if he still had them he might have given them to me.
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For a lot of kids when I was young, the Targets were their way Doctor Who, and reading in general. I was very slow at learning to read, but then I found out there were these books based on my favourite TV show! And not just stories I'd seen with Tom Baker, but a whole load of stories with these mysterious other three Doctors before him! I don't think I'd enjoy reading as much as I do today without the Target range.
Super-duper awesome fantastic, this is. If only it were a real item, though...
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Nice one. Just like the original :D
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Yes! *kermit flail* Ah, I love the Target novelizations and their covers. And Clara looks enough like Clara that I can tell it's Clara - which is more than I can say for some of the drawings on actual Target covers ;)

I'm kind of tempted to take a stab at a Target-style cover now, purely because it would be UTTERLY RIDICULOUS if I did.
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Ah yeah, the likenesses of characters on front covers was exceedingly variable on the Targets. Totally depended on the artist. Added to their charm, I thought. :-)

A Target cover homage is such a fun exercise, I'm already working on a couple more! I was grinning like a loon doing this one. :D
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There's an illustration with Three and the Brig somewhere, I wish I could remember what it was from, but the Brig looks more like this very jolly Polish chap who used to drive the bus route to my office, and nothing whatsoever like the Brig. Really, if it weren't for the UNIT badges on his jumper, you'd never have known XD Definitely part of the charm!

I can't wait to see what other fab covers you come up with, it's such a great project!
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I just happen to own one, the horror of fang rock.
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Oooh, good choice - that's a fantastic book and one of my favourite stories. Great atmosphere and a brilliant cover (the one with Tom in a bowler hat IIRC?)
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