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Painted Sunlit Lake (2011)

So this is another photo that I’ve “painted on top of” with the programs Artrage and Sai. After I did the last one, I wanted to lessen the “painting effect” but I already had this one partially done. So I’ll have to make it less noticeable on the next one.

I’m not too sure about these, but people really seemed to like the last one. I’ll definitely have to do a couple more kind of like this at least.

Small edit, added some more paint strokes
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These textures and contrast i just got no words to describe it :). Good job.
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Thanks Darius.  I need to do more pieces like these for sure.
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Thanks Labyr1nth, I'm glad you like it. Also, thank you for all the favs and the watch, I look forward to making much more art for your enjoyment.
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NP , You Deserve it
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great drawing, love the colours :D
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You're the first one mentioning using ArtRage ^^ I felt a little lonely =P
This is really cool :D
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Lol, thanks Yoshiko. Yeah Artrage is an amazing program for sure.
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Well, I felt like you took a, boring, picture and turned it into something I for some insane reason can't stop looking at. I don't know what it is, but it's quite good, maybe its almost like you add texture to a flat shot - like its bulging out at us :)

well, I do hope you try to go more into this style, keep up the good work!
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Thanks Lammalord. Yes I will definitely do some more pieces like this. I'm already hard at work on another one.
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ah this is so cool! I love it!
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Very interesting pic!
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i love the texture in the clouds
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I love this!! It's so realistic, and just gorgeous! Great job!
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looks cool! the clouds seem to be a little bit too solid, though...
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hmm it's interesting to look at
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