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Firey Space (2011)

Soooo kinda freaking out a little here. I've been messing around with space art for a while, but I've never really made anything cool. And then today I was a little fried from painting hard core last night, so I thought "I'll just relax and try some space art." And then this happened. . .

For my first space art attempt, I'm very happy with it. And I'm excited to hear what people think, so I wanted to post it right away.

Inspired by IC 1396 H-Alpha

I'm sure those of you who are into space art, might find a bunch of things wrong with this. And I would like to hear about it, so I can get better. Yes I know there are no planets. . . I'm not huge on them . . .

Photoshop for star field and nebula texture.
Paint tool Sai for all the painting (This program is so amazing!)
9 hours
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4000x2572px 2.9 MB
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this is hot...! z