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High moon Werewolf

Hey! this is some art I did for High Moon now in it's second season. I'm really proud of the book and I woudl ove it if everyone took the time to read and enjoy it.

First Season followed Mac, an old west Werewolf hunter in pursuit of a wolf. But what he finds along the way is much more dangerous than any werewolf.

Second Season follows Conroy, a Werewolf gone monster-hunter who's dark past is more dangerous than the monsters he fights.

PLease read it at [link]. It's free!

Also, go to and submit your own comics!


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Please don't tell me that's McCree.
RasputinRed's avatar
This is Awesome! 
Jones996's avatar

they learn to use guns

DracheKing's avatar
Yup. Now we've got both a werewolf with nasty claws and fangs and now with nasty guns!
(Imagine the guns a werewolf can use with their heightened senses and strength...)
Jones996's avatar
like,dual-wielding miniguns?
DracheKing's avatar
Worse than that. How about dual-wielding auto cannons?
TheSpecialSnowflake's avatar
best character ever! :)
Hanzain's avatar
How wonderful.
RealityPsychosis's avatar
I did some High Moon fan art it's in my gallery if you want to look at it. High Moon was an awesome comic! I loved it. :)
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nice ! a werewolf comic .... i'll read it .... it's all fre ?

and ... you know another werewolf comic and where i can read it free ?
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i can read the letters on the stones
Gargogargo's avatar
Danger Wolwek D is what the runes in that stone say. is that the character's name? Wolwek D?
kangel's avatar
:la: Hello! Your artwork has been featured here!
rairyu's avatar
Wish it was bigger so I could use it as a wallpaper. But still an awesome picture nontheless. I picked up the book not too long ago. Great read.
Darry's avatar
This is one hell of an art! Good composition!
NobleSavage's avatar
OH my god. This looks so awesome, and sounds so awesome. I'm def. gonna look this shit up.
Underworld666Chaos's avatar
thats pretty sick :D awesome art :D
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