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'Nostalgia For Infinity'

By steve-burg
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I read a lot of science fiction :)!

The good ship "Nostalgia For Infinity" is the main ship featured in Alastair Reynolds' epic "Revelation Space" trilogy.

I loved the books, and was intrigued by his descriptions of this monumental craft - which is over a kilometer in length and described as a very long and needle shaped craft.

This is a very literal rendition, down to the exact dimensions indicated in the books.

Well, it turns out it's really difficult to get a satisfactory angle of view on something with that shape and proportion - but this was the result. The craft is quite foreshortened due to the use of a very long "telephoto" lens.

Consider this a work in progress. I could spend days adding minute detail to the hull - but in the version shown here it is mainly achieved with texture maps I painted in Photoshop.

The nebula is derived from several Hubble images, but adjusted to serve the purpose of this background.
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Your interpretation of the good old Nostalgia is my absolute favourite. 8-)

It's also very close to Reynolds' own sketch of a lighthugger, which he made a few years ago for his site (about two years after you posted this illustration, so great work in getting so many details right). :-)
Great one,though i always imagined lighthuggers to be elliptic
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I've always been a fan of revelation space and this seems to me to be the truest interpretation of the ships from the books. Are those concentric spiky rings on the outer armour the hull defenses?
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I looked, stared, examinated, analized, liked, loved and finally said: This one is epic!
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Wow - thank you! :)
The books that inspired this are tremendous, BTW!
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Sorry, what means BTW ? ^^'
steve-burg's avatar
Yes, that's right :D
I have trouble with some of the "internet slang" myself ;)
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wait, i really dunno what is BTW lol could you explain ? XD
steve-burg's avatar
Ah - it means "by the way" :nod:
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Love it! When I read the books I kept wishing there were pictures to help visualize everything, especially the ships. Thank you for your artwork.
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Thanks - I love those books, and Alastair Reynolds has a real knack for great imagery. It's very inspiring to read his stuff :)
I love the conjoiner engines, as a lighthugger I thought she would be much smoother, Black hyperdiamond skin looks good too!
steve-burg's avatar
I tried to make the overall shape as described in the book - but it was hard to convey the enormous size so I added some details and texture. Also, I didn't cover the front with ice (yet!) :)
Conjoiner86's avatar
Nice! Captain Brannigan would be proud!
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I'm glad you like it. The effects of the melding plague aren't evident as yet - happier times for both the ship and the good captain! :)
rocketScience85's avatar
WOOOOO!!!!! You have no idea how this has made my day! This is the first actual artistic depiction I've had the fortune of finding after reading this series. Nostalgia for Infinity, in its final "manifestation", is something I'd love to see as depicted by others to compare with the one I have in my head.

Revelation Space = space opera at its finest!
steve-burg's avatar
I am a huge fan of the "Revelation Space" series, as well as Alastair Reynolds' other books. It is great space opera, as you've said! :)
sagethethird's avatar
now I have a decent picture in my head of the craft haha thanks
steve-burg's avatar
Of course I haven't attempted any of the weird "melding plague" mutations that eventually spread throughout the ship! :D
sagethethird's avatar
Would be a perfect project to do in mudbox or zbrush IMO :nod:
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