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Damaggio 7G

Another destination in my series of exo-planets...

The inspiration for this image is my ongoing fascination with off-shore oil platforms.

This is a 3D scene that I painted into to add a lot of the fine details (like the tiny lights, astronauts, and distant ships).

The 3D was modeled and rendered using Lightwave 3D. The textures were painted in Photoshop.
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Incredible design!

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super cool design and work:) (Smile):) (Smile)
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There's something about them that puts me in mind of Stephane Malka's Green Machine idea…

Almost like terraforming equipment, roaming the earth doing the gritty, roughneck work of building a world...
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Quite like the mood of this image, it's almost kind of a frightening memorial to industrial progress.
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I thought those were walkers for a second
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Classic designs!
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Damn your environments are off the chain!!!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like them :)
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Thanks very much! :)
um...W@W. this is Awesome! a bit like "Outland" meets....well, meets something really cool Well Done (again)
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"Outland" definitely nailed that "oil rig in space" theme. It's actually a very underrated movie.
As far as "... meets, well, meets something really cool!" - how could I not be pleased by this comment? :D
A sincere "thank you" - and I hope to continue to post more cool stuff! :)
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The pay is great but for some reason, there seems to be one less worker the next day. Management does not care since thats one less paycheck to cut. HR has sent an investigator because they are worrying that the disappearances might lead to a scandal.

What the investigator finds, well, lets just say scandal is the lesser of many evils.

Looks great.
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the painted on details add so much more to this, great work!
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This is bad ass. So much activity and detail. I love the movement and story going on here.
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great work . love the scale.
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Glad you like it! :)
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Dude! cool! I hate to ask this but, I am working on a site (I was gonna quit making it but your pics gave me some inspiration) , a rp site and I was wondering if you would mind if i used some of your images for the setting and stuff?
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It seems like GDI RIG near Scrin Tower in Red Zone and NOD Flying Carryall Truck
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I just did a quick paint-over to use that as the distant hovercraft. Probably too similar! :)
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