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I Love You
When you wake up in the morning
And nothing's going right;
You forgot to eat your breakfast
and you're stopped at a red light.
Your life is going nowhere,
you've got nothing to believe...
Believe me that I love you cause my heart is on my sleeve.
I'll put it out there for you to take or leave.
I didn't know where to put it so you'd see.
I didn't know if this would make your morning bright
or if it'd help you sleep at night
Cause, baby all I know is that I love you
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 3
Randomly Colored Punk Girl by Stethoscope-face Randomly Colored Punk Girl :iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 0 2 Pretty Pink Ribbon by Stethoscope-face
Mature content
Pretty Pink Ribbon :iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 0 9
South American Bunny :D by Stethoscope-face South American Bunny :D :iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 0 2 Markers of Epicness by Stethoscope-face Markers of Epicness :iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 3
Pokeballs of Spring
I know I look upon the face of God,
His yellow cheeks and starry eyes, divine,
Caught golden sparks as does a lightning rod
Sweet Pikachu, dear, oh that you were mine.
"Thine face durst shock my beating heart" quoth I
As looketh thee upon thine best friend Ash
I loveth thee almost as much as pie,
But fie! My love thine hands would cruelly thrash.
Team Rocket tries to capture thee, but nay
They cannot make it past my strong defense.
When e'er they try to eateth thee I say
"Thou shall not live after this great offense!"
A sunlit rose is quite less fair than you,
Sweet lover, wherefore art thou Pikachu.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 3 5
Another 5 million random poems
1. Slightly battered little girls
In rolling sheets of lace.
One begs for a teddy bear,
To innocence replace.
The future home of deadly thoughts,
Their minds are warped by time,
Where hope in now by malice mute,
A bind and deafened mime.
2. Carts of apples filled with worms
Beauty filled with spite.
Women dressed in platinum clothes
Who shine a blackened light.
Iron weights and silver plates,
Same color do they hold,
But one will crush while other shines;
The deadly weight of gold.
3.Dark blank eyes of subtle brown
Stare long into the glass,
Where eyes stare back beneath the sun,
Within her field of grass.
The girl who sits beneath the sky,
Enveloped in her mind,
Is one who will forever look
And will forever find.
But never shall she see again
Those which she holds dear,
As she travels through the day and night,
Running from her fear.
4. Roses blooming in the yard,
A hammock in the trees.
A little girl in paradise,
But hell is all she sees.
For death has blessed the little house
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 4
Uuber Abstractness
Trees lean down to take my hand,
Cloaked, as I am, in snow.
Love and paint have stained my heart
A bitter, rusty red.
Flowers die beneath my feet
To be replaced with gold
None shall know the joy I feel
As needles pierce my soul.
Helpless sorrow, never cold
Is sweet upon my tounge.
A lemon's juice is sweet when place placed
Against the blackest coal.
Evil toxins laced with sugar
Run rich between my veins.
I lie beneath the midday moon
To drink the vampire's blood.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 0
Loveless Lovers
Never has a parting has
Such blatant lack of grief
As that of broken soulmates
With their bleak and dead motif.
Found within a churchyard
Is a tombstone for their love.
Which dies as does a child,
To rise and cry above.
The tears of love rained down upon
Our loveless lovers crossed
Who died alone and lonely
For their last sweet hope was lost.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 0
Starving the Glutton
Level headed golden stars
Scar the fragile earth
With blackened floating fairt dust
That starves the glutton's girth.
As his body slowly wastes away,
His tether slowly sawed,
He drifts right past his needy charge
Straight to God's open waiting maw.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 0
Killing Time - lol
Falling clocks, like water drops
Rain down upon my head.
Sorrow's turned to happiness
For all of us are dead.
Families richly dressed in black
They mourn the loss of time.
Tumbling down flights of stairs
Like fundamental crime.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 0
I want to die.
It's not worth it.
Help  me...
Let go.
Let me fall.
I need this.
Give me a cookie.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 2
Love could kill a bluebird,
Sitting in his tree.
I'd tell you that I love you,
But that bird might then be me.
Time could stop an angel,
Lying in the snow.
I love you, dear, I love you,
And I wish that you could know.
Want could see a ghost,
Floating in the mist.
I told you that I need you,
And you walked away.
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Sit, Just Sit
How can you sit, just sit?
When life goes on around you, life and death?
So conceited you seem,
With your content smile and absent heartbeat.
Are you too good to live?
Do you only deign to die?
Pretending gets you only so far.
Eventually your shell will break,
And people will see you.
Yet you sit, just sit.
As the cracks deepen,
And scorching eyes devour your soul.
You do nothing.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 1 0
Logo Entry by Stethoscope-face Logo Entry :iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 0 2
Summer Sunset
The beginning came and was, sun shining bright
We could feel the sand between our toes.
The magic of a moment
Shared between dreamers,
Shared between lovers that should never be.
The fruits of summer know their fate...
And now the roses in your hair have begun to fade.
As the summer sun begins to melt away.
I can feel you leaving, your footsteps soft.
As the moon comes up and the leaves begin to fall,
I know what is happening.
:iconstethoscope-face:Stethoscope-face 2 0


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I got tagged again by :iconokitaru369: sooooooo here goes:

1. One of my best friends just died from meningitis (that was sure fun) but I'm okayyyyy.

2. I play the piano

3. I'm supposed to be outlining right now, I still have 16 pages left >.>

4. I've had to empty my text inbox like 4 times in the last 2 days from Shawn lmao

5. I luuuuuuuuurve Thanksgiving so much because I get to cook all day with me mommy.

6. How the hell am I supposed to get 10 facts?

7. By cheating. Like this.

8. I lahv my friends. That means you.

9. I can't wait till Steeeeephen (my brother >.<) comes home again, I think tomorrow night.

10. I'm dooooooone :D

Bubyeeeeeeeee <33


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