Artist // Hobbyist // Photography
My Bio

I’m Stervus.

I live in small town (less than 80K of inhabitants) in the middle of the forest in the central part of Russia.

I’m working for IT company as my fulltime job, but the bondage photography is my hobby.

I liked to tie up girls as long as I can remember. And now I have possibility to do it not only for my own pleasure but earn some money with it.



Production Roles:

Everything: photographer, rigger, lighting, director etc.

Current Residence: Russia

Other Interests
Bondage, Photography
Started club at VK - It's private group without public access to avoid problem. I already tried to post my works there just in my previous account and got ban by anonymous complains. Now I started closed club and hope it can work. Main goal - post short videos, that I can't upload here and the same photos for people who can't access to DA because of Russian internet control specific.
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Help request

2 min read
Hello everybody! Now I need you help. No, I don't plan to ask some mony or something similar. I need information. As you can see, both my pay sites ( and are based on platform Shopmaker.Com. Many years it works well, but this spring they stopped accept credit card and yesterday I've got mail that they will stopped completely at October 31. So now I'm looking for new platform for my sites. First of all. I don't want to separate each site to video and photo parts, so only video platforms is not good for me. Such as: Patreon also is not good, because they have not their own hosting for video and asked to upload to other videohosting. It's really bad decision. as I can see also mostly specialized on videos. - very strange platform, probably not popular and with very strange interface. So right now the most close to shopmaker is looks I don't know it
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      Всем привет!  Собственно именно на DA идёт наиболее активная обратная связь, в отличие от обоих сайтов, так что &#
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Hello! i love your work and im wondering why you dont upload anything since september? did you stopped?


I dislike word "stopped" but prefer "paused"

Right now I have no enough time to post new works on this site and even on my paysites, but I have many sets to post for both...

well cant wait to see new post!

Sorry, right now I have no enough time to restore updates on pay sites and also here too.

Are they exclusive models ?

Some of my models worked only with me, but also many my models worked with other photographer too.