The Works of an Artist should be for the Eternity

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There are many artists in this world, writers, poets, painters, photographers, composers, musicians etc. Some of them have become very famous, others not. It had also happened, that an artist wasn't famous during the life, but after the death suddenly this artist had become very famous.
The way to an orchestra or to an opera is a very long way, and a musician or a singer can be very glad, if this wish will become true some day. They have to begin very early and they have to take many music-lessons for many years. But later only less musicians will be allowed to play also solo-parts in an orchestra, and only less singers will be allowed to sing also solo-parts in a choir. Many other musicians will never play in a professional orchestra and many singers will never sing in a professional choir. Maybe they can play and sing on the street, in groups or solo. Sometimes they sell also CDs, but mostly they don't.
Some bands and some solo-musicians have become very famous, and mostly the CDs are still sold also, after a group has been disbanded and the musicians began to continue solo. It has happened very often, that suddenly one of the musicians or the singer in a group has died or a musician, who had worked solo and in cooperations, but the CDs are still available.
Many other artists will never reach the "Top Ten" in the charts. They are still artists. They have luck, if they get a contract with a label, but mostly they don't, or the label wants to dictate, that the music has to be made very differently, but such a dictation takes away the creativity of an artist. It is very good, that many artists do, what they want. They are artists, also, if they are not very famous.
Everybody will die some day, some of us have to leave us very early, some others can become very old. Mostly the death comes suddenly and unexpectedly. But what will happen to all the works, if an artist has died? I think, the most artists want, that their works are still available, as CDs or music-files. If they want, that their works are still available in the internet in their own profiles also after their death, then I think, they should stay there forever, also, if this user can never go online anymore after the death. Also artists, who never got a contract with a label, are artists, and also these artists should get the chance, that their works are for the eternity.
The older You become, the more You will think, what will happen to You some day, and what will happen to all Your works. I myself want, that all my works can stay in the internet also after my death, and that all my hosted files should be free downloadable forever. Then I am not really dead, maybe my body does not exist anymore, but all my works are still available, and on this way it is like an eternal life...

Update March 2017:

Of course artists can do nothing, if suddenly a website is shut down and all the uploads go away. Also they can do nothing, if nasty third people attack the accounts and destroy all their works.
Because not all family members and related people are gentle, sometimes it is necessary to disinherit a person who would have been entitled to the inheritance, and it has to be done before the death.
Disinherited people should have no possibility to get the documents of the birth and of the death, then they will have no judicial rights to cause the deletion of the accounts, after the artist has died.
If a whole band dies because of an accident, and if all musicians wanted to have all their works still available, then already one of the widowed partners suddenly can decide differently, that the music should not be available anymore.
Also a big dispute in a band or musician-duo can be already bad. Mostly they don't separate from each other peacefully, and then the next CDs are pulled from the market.
Whatever will happen, the ideas of the artists never will die, and if one artist cannot continue, maybe another one will do that instead...

Update December 2017:

Before December 2013 I had thought, that an account can stay also, after a user has died, but on Rdio the family members have the possibility to cause the deletion of the account after the death of the user, also, if this user didn't want to have the deletion of the account. I didn't see that before in another platform, and I don't want to see that somewhere else.
Rdio itself had been discontinued on 22th December 2015. Its partner-website Vdio was shut down on 27th December 2013.
Not each artist, author or user is so well-known and so famous. 3 years ago another YouTube-User had an accident with only 20. Her channel still existed when I made my latest control-visit in 2016.
Another SoundCloud-User had died in November 2013. He was a free user with a basic-account at no cost, and his 5-6 short tracks were online yet in 2014. In Autumn 2017 I had to discover, that all his tracks had disappeared.
Because he is not alive anymore, he himself cannot have logged in and simply deleted all his own tracks. Did a remained family member or related person order this deletion? Or did that SoundCloud itself because the website-owners had changed the website-policy a few times from 2015 to 2017?
And recently I made some control-visits on some other music-websites which I do every 6 months. While all showreels of some Mixlr-Users still exist, all showreels of some other Mixlr-Users simply have disappeared although these users didn't have logged in and deleted all their showreels. What did happen?
Sometimes the website-owners decide, that the accounts should not be basic-accounts at no cost anymore, only trials for new users who register. Or the website-owners close the old website, delete all accounts and uploads and then offer a new website where only trials are possible and online-banking is required.
I hope, that at least the bigger music-websites and artist-websites can remain in the internet and that they still offer also basic-accounts at no cost. And I hope, that also the little composers without a GEMA-membership can still have their own composed music in the internet as free downloadable music...

Update November 2019:
If a user has deactivated the own account in Facebook in December 2014, then of course this user can decide later to keep it deactivated for a little bit longer without reactivating it. The user could keep it deactivated also for 5 or 10 or 20 years before reactivating it.
How can it happen that suddenly the personal profile of a deactivated user-account can become visible and then disappear from the friends-lists of all 2000 friends at once although this user did not reactivate this account and did not delete the friendships?
In November 2019 I have discovered in the Help Center of Facebook the possibility for spiteful people to order the removal of a user-account although this user is alive yet, older than 20 and always had followed the website-rules.
I hope that I never will discover this possibility also on other websites some day...

Update December 2019:
Already since 6 years I want to know, what will happen to the profiles and uploads after the death. I did not find yet the right answer, the various answers are very different from each other and so opposite.
The internet was a very good chance especially for the unknown & free artists to have their own works available (also as free downloads), but in December 2019 many big websites are updating the terms of use at the same time (which is very strange).
Then their accounts suddenly can be removed by the websites just because suddenly they are unprofitable or just because these users did not make a new posting for a half year or for a longer time although a long absence can happen very often, voluntary or involuntary.
But if the accounts of the artists as adults with 100% copyrights can be removed by the websites already although these users are still alive, then the question will be superfluous, what will happen to the profiles and uploads after the death...

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