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Sabine Klare
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My Bio
I am a multi-artist.
I make ambient and electronic music, but I listen to many other music-styles more, too.
Also I am interested for nature-documentations, cats, astronomy and parapsychology etc.
But I make not only music, also photos, photo-edits, artworks, lyrics and videos.
Currently I am focussed especially on random textures and desktop wallpapers.

It is very important, that the desktop wallpapers are displayed from the harddrive C and not from D, if they should appear also in Komodo X Touchscreen via "DESKTOP".
Milkdrop 2.23 & 2.24 didn't work with some Language Packs, with Milkdrop 2.21 it was not possible to edit the presets. With Milkdrop 2.25 & 2.25c all issues had been solved.
I got the Sprites working also with Milkdrop 2.21 because I had copied the codes for the chosen textures in milk2_img.ini also into milk2.ini and placed them behind the other codes.

Also the other artists can create random textures and desktop wallpapers, and I should mention some image-software which I myself had found in the internet also here:
Some software are free downloadable.
For creating the own digital artwork I suggest the following artwork software:
Apophysis, Blender, Chaoscope, ChaosPro, Chaoticafractals, Flarium-89, FractalGrower, FractInt, Fractron9000, Fyre, Incendia, JWildfire, Mandelbulb 3D, Mandelbulber, Picogen, Sterling, Terragen Classic & Terragen 2 & Terragen 3 & Terragen 4, XAOS
For creating and editing the images I suggest the following image software:
GIMP, Gimpshop, Inkscape, Inverted Image, IrfanView, Paint.NET, PhotoFiltre, Photoscape, Phoxo, PixBuilder Studio, Pixia, PNGgauntlet
Some more software are available as trials and as software, which have to be bought:
Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Fractal eXtreme, iClone, Magix, Mojoworld, Ultra Fractal, Universe Sandbox, Vue by e-on software, XenoDream
Not as free versions anymore, now they have to be bought:
Bryce5 & Bryce7 (Bryce5.5 & Bryce7.1)
For online-creations and online-editings I suggest to visit the websites:
Easy Fractal Generator, LunaPic Online Photo Editor
Forums and Foundation:
Fractal Forums, Fractalforums, Fractal Software - Fractal Foundation
Some more searches can be done for:
3D Software For Digital 3D Landscapes, Fractal Generator, Planet Map, Planet Map Generator, Planetmap, Renderosity
Of course You can look also for some more inspirations, for images about space, galaxies, nebulas, planets etc., not only for nature and landscapes on our own planet.

You can watch my music-videos and favourites on YouTube, You can listen to my own music and You can visit my photo-galleries on many different websites.
I love to enjoy the music everywhere, from our studio, from my harddrives, the Radio Streams from the internet and the music-websites themselves.

Now also with an own chat-room for group-chats (at webkicks), which I want to use, if live-shows in the internet are running:
Have fun!

Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...

Married with the other artist Frank Klare since 1993.

Current Residence: Berlin, Germany
Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Ambient & Downtempo, Deep House, Dub Techno...
Favourite musician & photographer & artwork designer (Ireland): Vytis (also Vytis Dineika, V Endless and Silver Field Records)...
Favourite Winamp Skin Author: Victhor on deviantART, but also many of his friends...
Favourite Milkdrop Preset Author: Martin, but also all the other preset authors are very good...
Favourite style of art: Space Art, Terragen, Bryce, Apophysis, Mandelbulber, all other works with all the other digital artwork software, Milkdrop 2.21 and Milkdrop 2.25c...
Operating System (PC): Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit now (the old Windows Install was 32-bit)...
Operating System (notebook): Windows 7, 64-bit...
Website player of choice: My Cloud Player, SoundCloud, Mixcloud,, Jamendo, Streampad in Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, ReverbNation, PureVolume, MyOwnMusic, MySpace, Mixlr...
MP3 player of choice: Always Winamp, in the studio, in the bed, in the train...
Skin of choice: Bento with my own Bento Color Themes, cPro & cPro2 & cProXUI and all other SUI-Skins incl. Komodo X Touchscreen...
Wallpaper of choice: Same like in Favourite style of art, but also my own photos of Nature and Landscapes without humans...

Favourite Visual Artist
Subforms, Motionfield, mon0, BvDub, Pobedia, Vytis, The Timewriter...
Favourite Movies
Space Night, The Blue Planet, Deep Blue, Planet Earth, Stargate Atlantis...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
All artists of SynGate, Elux, Plastic City, Ultimae Records and all Netlabels...
Favourite Writers
Jean F. Cochois...
Other Interests
Winamp, Milkdrop, Music, Photography, Digital Artwork, Parasciences...


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Thank You for the info.

It always is bad, if good apps or software suddenly are discontinued.

I never had an iPhone, I have only a normal handy. Once I had bought 2 Android Devices from 2 Companies without Telephone Function in 2012, but they had died in 2015 & 2017.

I have visited the Apple Store, I cannot search there without problems. On the Store by Microsoft I found no App with the name Spinart, but I have searched on the Google Play Store:

And keep up Your good work!


Which Image Editing Software or Fractal Rendering Software did You use and is this Software for free WITHOUT online-banking required?

BTW, I should take again some time at home and render, before the heat will come and before it will be too hot for the graphic card.

At least I had made 2 Basic Spectrum Images in 1920x1080 Pixel in 2018/2019 (with GIMP).


If I want to search, then I find no Category anymore. It looks very differently from the screenshot (old and legendary now).

But I still want to stay on DeviantArt as long as it exists and as long as I myself exist.

BTW, also in the App Store for Windows 10 I find no Winamp, only VLC & Spotify etc. Once Winamp was a very popular media player. Why is it not the case anymore?

It's over

Also thank You.

You have a beautiful gallery.

Keep up Your good work!... :)

Also thank You.

You make beautiful fractals. :)