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Absolute Glass 3
By steric   |   Watch
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Published: February 25, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 steric
Absolute Glass - is compact, but NOT minimal skin )

All Design, Buttons.
Buttons compact & full window.
Panel Buttons, some little things.
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Customs-n-RandomnessHobbyist Interface Designer
How do I apply this to Foobar2000 on Windows 8.1.1
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juicethehedgehogProfessional General Artist
awesome! thanks! :D
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Plz version of foobar. I can't find directory, but I will find the right foobar. It is awesome, Thanx‼
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Works with the latest (1.2.9)
Co0866's avatar
I get the error message:
"Internal error - one or more of theinstalled components have been damaged."
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almost 2 years after submission, still the best foobar2000 skin.

however as time past, updating components become a necessity.

Does anyone know how to update to foo_uie_lyrics3 ?
i m not able to find the info in the component thread [link]
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does it suit for winxp?
antarcticant's avatar
it may work, but you wont get transparency, which afaik is a feature of windows vista, 7, 8
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MagicalMicrowaveOvenHobbyist Digital Artist
it looks awesome, but is there a way to move the player around?
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Scroll button click
antarcticant's avatar
steric answered that a few comments below. I use AHK code for that, this way one can "click" on any point of the window to move it
xVividTangerine's avatar
Is there anyway to shuffle/randomize the songs?
Mmorruk's avatar
I must not be seeing it because I used to be able to add a song to a playlist by right clicking but I cant anymore for some reason, anyone care to shed some light on how?
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Steric, what does the letter "S" do?
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Steric doesn't answer anymore.
Since his config is my fav, i am happy to help.

The S stands for the quicksearch. But it seems you must to replace this one with the last version, take it on official site.
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The latest version of quicksearch?
thedarkerone's avatar
I installed the .dll and the "S" still doesn't work. Any help?
elefanc's avatar
Do you use the "standart" theme of Windows 7 ? It seems for some themes or skins, behaviour of quicksearch may be cause issue. Try to change the transparency/glass effect and tell me if you see the icon when you click the "S" letter.
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Don't know if you'll answer, but I'm asking anyway. I'm learning to skin foobar step-by-step, and I'd really like to mod this skin. But I can't figure out where is coded the transparency and the blur effect. Could you help me out?
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I am sorry i know nothing in coding stuff.
Good luck.
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