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Stereoscopy Week over at Project Educate!

What does this mean?

There's lots of contests, tutorials, articles, interviews and other amazing content on offer. Get behind the medium we love and join in the fun!

Monday, July 30: Introduction to Stereoscopy

Tuesday, July 31: Let's make it Stereo 3D!

Wednesday, August 1: An In-Depth look!

Thursday, August 2: Converting your 2D Art

Friday, August 3: Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, August 4: The Future

Sunday, August 5: Wrap Up

Phew! What a week :)
Thank you to all the wonderful stereographers who sent us suggestions for Stereoscopy sub-categories. The Stereoscopy gallery is now fully set up, with the inclusion of brand new subcategories!
    Stay tuned, we'll be announcing some official contests and information very soon :)

Here's the layout for the Stereoscopy category, and these subcategories are now taking submissions:

  • Anaglyph
        Stereoscopic art created for viewing with anaglyph glasses (where the two lenses are different colors).
  • Wiggle
        Animated art where a pair of stereoscopic images is rapidly alternated between left and right eye
  • Free View
        Stereoscopic pairs which can be viewed with the naked eye
    • Cross Eyed
          Stereoscopic pairs which can be seen by crossing your eyes

    • Parallel
          Stereoscopic pairs which can be seen by keeping your eyes parallel
  • Autostereogram
        Patterns which create depth when using the cross-eyed or parallel view methods
  • Natural Pairs
        Stereograms which occur naturally in a single image (by using repeated objects)
  • Other
        Any other stereoscopic images which do not belong to one of the other categories

    In addition, we congratulate aegiandyad and carpenoctem410 who each win a 6 month premium membership for their useful suggestions!
    Thank you to everyone else who participated with their ideas and suggestions, it was a hard decision to make, everyone put in a lot of effort to help.
    Don't forget you can make Daily Deviaiton suggestions for the Stereoscopy category by sending Cymae a note.
I've been asked to give opinion on this video, and in particular about the 3D effect:…

Thought I'd give you a chance to tell your opinion to the creators too :)

Who is the boss now?

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 9, 2010, 7:40 AM
Lately I've been way too busy with getting my personal life straight, and I'm working many-many extra hours to start my own business after the economic depression took most of my incomes away. That means I have little time for the group, and I felt that this is starting to jeopardize the smooth operation of it. For that reason I gave full control over the group to Stereotron-3D. For a few month - until I get things straight, and can afford more attention towards dA - he will be in charge as "Founder". (Well... actually co-founder, but he has all privileges.)

Coke Zero + Mentos propulsion in 3D

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 2, 2010, 4:17 AM
I don't think I should add much to this video:…

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Hadn't noticed my PoserPro_11.3 can have multiple windows / ports on a scene until option accidentally invoked by low-flying cat. With a bit of luck, I can set up two laterally offset cameras, send their 'still' views in succession to render queue...
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