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I did this video some years ago, its about the exploration of a sunken city, Even if the fantasy one is far more spectacular, the true one can be found here:
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TIme HAs A shape that is the earth it self

PLats and A FAULT!

IT IS AN illustration of imagination that I gathered wording on The Understanding inscribed Of The Meaning of





TThe issue of the Fault that is if We had a higher dimension of Time that was a single Point under the HARM AND COMPRESSION OF THE LORD GODDA


Then it would take a fault for any matter (indeduction) Which is to say It is written out

Let's see, to say that time is space for God, it is perfectly understandable for me, since time is the fourth dimension, it is logical to think that God sees as space what we see as time, he is looking from the top floor, for say so, and spatially see what is temporary for us.

     You yourself, from an elevated floor, can see as space what pedestrians see as time, you can see how two cars approach through intersecting streets, and you can see that they will collide.

    You say it is an illustration of your imagination, I think you have perceived that image as an inspiration, as artists, everyone here should understand the power of inspiration.

      On the other hand, I can perceive that same image, not through inspiration, but through an effort of understanding, they are different ways.

       Somewhere I have said that everything begins with a point, from it the line arises, from this the plane arises, and from this the three-dimensional solid arises, obviously, this solid is a point in the higher dimension, and gives rise to the temporal line , following the analogy, the time line will give rise to the plane of time, which will give rise to the solid of time, which will be, in turn, a point in the higher dimension, and thus to infinity


This is much appreciated comprehension on the subject a the compressive article as well as the harm issue I relation to dimension time and space I also observed in the uncertainty princple

Where the energy it takes to observe something skews the results

So here I the thus limit of my knowledge on the subject but our limits are not the limits of Allah

The skewing is what more can we learn and does further inspection facsimilate a false primes

This is something that is reconciled with natural self similarity and functional dissonances of dimensional manifestation

We are smart to the universal which is not to say we are smart about the universal


Harmful/compressionالضار(great name of Allah)

From here like I the word for throne which is pronounced the same as Plato universal princple(as far as i know) arch العرش alarsh

Translate as universal frame work or what appears to be similar to the higgs field

The God particle seems thus to be addressed in fiction as the soul space time fabric describe in the movie artifical intellegence

It seems deduction is to use a movie in such realities in Lew of the diversion issue that is the sick of maintaing a social Malformed algorithms and it's temporary profit

Like they said it doesn't do what they thought

We are it

And so the matrix film and terminator stuff is covered in the implimentation of the Planck principle which is why the movie didn't need John nor was he the machines main target but it was a complete diversive tool in faith against a calculating processor of the higgs particle

This is artistic investigation so it hints towards not imperative but learning

As does the assumption of the higgs particle about these films

The issue is to inspire with witnessing it upon us both thus

When thinking of the witness that is Allah

It is not passive but active encompassing of all constituency


Allah knows best as his Knowledge is Being

Allah the Only Guide

So rejoice that you have studied Inshallah

To the point I can understand you, I must say that geometry is my main tool and guide trough this universe, visible or not.

When Rationality Gts to a certain point.

we are taking uncertainty principles colors waves of the sea and sound

Back to the geo -metry

Is a planet without an atmosphere sound

What about without a core

Geo metric logic

This is merely subjects to be cut up to the letter and laid done torwards properties or an functions

You really can only do this with the Rememberance of God. To Basically Reach a point where there is obvious fallacy in presumption and suspect infedelity

and then you Take it in usruping all properties into your body as is and see the functions in go manner about the grain and the droplet in gratitude

not graduer as we are covered in diamonds of melody and even the emotion it self is a jewel

it can't be done without complete knowledge of which we are idle before the Lord and Only Come to Sense upon the Order of the Plain Sight The soundness of the Way And Manner of the Touch

beyond this i need study more

hot cold

testing it with the body about the cure and fortification

exertions and tensions

And at that point

Texture and texts become as the distinction of the uncertain principle

which is to say, every composition is a work of art in various degrees of realism

the issue is security of consciousness

what are we talking about about

a point

a plane

a shape

or is it the totality of life and all suspected and unsuspected manifestation

and thus you take to God What You leave for No One And Never Had to begin with. Which is to Say that is what I do

I try

but I have to give the method away

that I eat the Totality of Existence As Quick As I can And give it on to the Forlock Of What I know not to Do But Yern it on to The grain

talking fractal plancks for lack of better description

and thus I encourage you toward absolute selffishness and feeding in good manner of the hungry child

I am not going to say that I understand what you are saying, because that would not be true.

But, in any case, I know what you're talking about.

I do not know if I would like to have your perception, I have to settle for mine.

  After a certain point, words are unnecessary, at least for me, my mind is visual and I tend to see things, rather than trying to explain them to myself.

     But I understand that you try to shape your perceptions based on words, I even understand to some extent the effort to give them an artistic form.

And , from this viewpoint, I enjoy your work with words.

Thanks for the watch!!

I find your work somewhat genuine and fun, it deserves the watch, even if I´m not a big fan of this kind of drawing

 Thank you so much for the fav. :hug: