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So, I've been collaborating with the main man and author Ryan Ellidge on a comic book project called Cryptid. 

Cryptid is a horror anthology series focusing on local monster legends, with issue 1 focusing on the infamous Fouke monster (also known as southern sasquatch).
I'm putting in my share as penciler, inker and colorist at the same time, and the project alone really grew on to me in last month or two, so it would be a shame to let it just die like that. 

Right now we're raising resources through Kickstarter campaign, but it seems like it's stuck and it needs your help.

You can find the project and more info about it here (…). If you like it, support it. Pledge awards are really good, and any contribution is very very wellcome. 

Anyhow, thanks for your attention. 


Cryptid Logo by StereoiD

So, I've been working on this project in my spare time lately. 
It's called The Mission and it's a sci-fi video-picture book in the vein of classic Heavy Metal magazine comics. 

If you're interested, check out the projects facebook page @….

Also, there's a call for voice actors for this project. More info on this @  Voice AUDITION for my Illustrated Sci-Fi Movie!So I found this wonderful site!
If u like to be part of it, do reg on the site
or read the line and record and send some link to me here on DA or to my email
This is so interesting...
Be sure to check the Facebook page to:
C'mon people :D 

I need practice.
(and could also use some spare change since I don't have any work at the moment)

Digital sketches like this
Supergirl sunday sketch by StereoiD
go for about 20€. 

A bit more detailed ones like this
Nightwing Gotham parkour by StereoiD
go for 50€. 

You can also ask for traditional media ones 
like this one in color pencils (and black ink)
Pika-pi by StereoiD

or this one 
HO HO HO by StereoiD
made with color markers (and black ink).
These will come a bit more expensive, since they require a bit more time and materials
and I also have to accomodate shipping costs (unless you just want the digital scan of it),
so this ones will be about 60€ each. 

All payments via paypal
(no refunds) 

I'm selling original of this one: HO HO HO by StereoiD.
Here is the item; .
This might just be an effect of my selective memory, but anyway, I don't really remember dA being so lame in the past, at least concerning the quality of material that gets highest exposure here.

Maybe It's my age kicking in or the fact that my profile has only just a bit over 9000 views in over 6 years, but suddenly (or not so suddenly) I realize it's far easyer to get enough exposure to get into front page, by simply taking a nude selfie or make mediocre generic fanart.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering abandoning this website, since pros have become significantly smaller in comparison to cons, when I think about my time here.

To each his own. I don't really enjoy it here anymore. I've met some awesome people here in the past, watched some wonderful art and witnessed some awesome growth in some fellow artists and I'll cherish that for the rest of my life. But all in all, considering all the time and effort that I invested, this community offered and still offers, very little. And future prospects are even worse. The art contests are getting more and more boring and commercially oriented, community is degrading, and the whole site is becoming a more pornographic version of instagram or at least I see it going that way.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish
So, as a stride towards recognition, I created an artist profile page on facebook.
It's here ... like if you want to support me anywhere else than just here on dA :)
Edit; Don't be shy, ask for discount...I'll see what I can do about it ;)

Types of commissions I'm prepared to do;

Simple, quick and expressive sketches done in either standard graphite/mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen or technical pen and digitally.

Wolverine ClawSlide by StereoiD dream of flying by StereoiD

Line art;
Clean line drawing made either with technical pen or digitally. Convenient for later coloring or inking.

Polished drawing, either shaded or inked. Can be done in: pencil, ballpoint pen, ink, digital. Basic marker or digital coloring optional. You may also consider a full black and white comic page as a drawing.

brand new god by StereoiD forest god by StereoiD Wolverine Berserker Rage by StereoiD

Mature Content

Dont Fcuk With MOI by StereoiD

Full color, digitally painted illustration. Consider this option, like something that is my technical maximum.

Mirror Mirror by StereoiD Kara and Kandor by StereoiD schratech by StereoiD Strangers on the desolate island by StereoiD

Character sheet:
Well, you know how these look like, don't you ;)

What I do:  Any style of art, that you can find in my gallery.  

What I don't do:

- Manga style art. Reason; I'm always trying to develop my own style. Also, there's a lot of very good manga style artists on this site, that I don't feel qualified to compete with.
- Copy certain artists style. If you'd like art in someone else's style, ask that someone else.
- photomanipulations


1 sketch = 7EUR (or 10USD) (per character)
+ 3EUR (or 5USD) for background

1 line art  = 10EUR (or 13USD) (per character)
+ 5EUR (or 7USD) for background

1 drawing = 30EUR (or 40USD) (per character)
+ 10EUR (or 13USD) for background
+ 5EUR (or 7USD) for basic color

1 Illustration = 70EUR (or 90USD) (per character)
+ 30EUR (or 40USD) for background

1 Character sheet = 70EUR (or 90USD) (per sheet)


Prices are rated per 1 character unless stated diferently.  For every additional character, a 50% of the single character price is added to the bill, so, for example; 1 sketch with background, containing 3 characters would rate at 17EUR or 25USD (7/one character+3.5/every additional character x 2+3/background=17EUR).
If you commission me to do a landscape for you, that would count as a single character drawing, not as a background drawing.
As a client, you're entitled to one set of corrections for free. Every additional set of corrections counts same as additional character and is priced in such manner. I  don't do corrections on sketches.

Terms and rules:

How this goes;

1. You contact me first for commission via my e-mail adress or here on deviantart (or both). After that we can agree to communicate via skype or something like facebook.

2. You provide me with references and/or give me detailed description on what you would like. This affects mainly on how much time and/or corrections it will take for me to finish commission. This is also the time, you get to know the price of comission, if you didn't calculate it yourself.

3. I contact you after the work is done, and send you low-res watermarked version of artwork either via e-mail or I post it here on dA and link it to you (or both if desired).  

4. If you like what you get, you pay via PayPal. You may pay in EUR or USD, as it suits you (yes, you can exploit conversion rate changes in your favor ;) ).

5. After I recieve and confirm the recieved money, I send you the full resolution final version of the artwork. This can be done either via e-mail, or Google Docs (if file exceeds 25MB).

6. If specifically desired, I can also send you physical version of artwork (this applies to artwork done in traditional media such as paper), with you paying for the shipping.

7. You confirm you got the desired artwork and that's it. :)

Serious stuff:
- Payments only via PayPal
- I don't do refunds. What you see is what you get, If you don't like it, you don't pay in the first place.
- I'm not responsible for any damage to artwork during shipping (this concerns the physical media only)

skype: volkbostjan

If there's any question you have, regarding commissions, I'm happy to answer.


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I finally put together my website. Its called and it's mostly in Slovene. But since art is an universal language, and the website features a gallery of my work, you may check it out ...if you want to :) .

So go to and see for yourself.

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Ok here we go:

1. I finally updated my daportfolio site. check it out here : stereoidica-bostjanvolk.daport…

2. Since I got myself some new tools (hint @:… ) and I'm currently at home, trying to graduate before the october. So you can expect some activity here. :)

3. I'm open for business.  There's a lot of free time on my schedule, so if there's anyone who'd want my services, go ahead :D.


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Finaly new year od studying.
That means i can do whatever i want :D

You must've noticed i actually posted some visual art on this site.
Now for sonic (un) new "song"….

Cheers! :D
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another new techno track i made

check it out if want

man...i should really post some visual art too sometime :P
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this one was quick
producing REAL is so much fun, comparing to minimal

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my first creation under "Mario Schtemmer" moniker…

get retarded :D
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my soundcloud account

it's a sonic retardation at it's worst :D

also new;
- got hired for doing a CD cover for a punk rock band...will maybe show some concept later
- got prompted for doing a full graphic corporate identity concept, which, i hope will be the biggest thing i made up to date if it goes the on the way; this includes web and classic print design, and i'm really excited and look forward producing it

tchuss :D
You will be missed holy diver.
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Wow guys

what can I say

thanks for everyones support onhere. It wouldn't be half as fun without you.
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...a death in the family.

RIP Peter Steele
Frontman of Type O Negative, a big man, idol and inspiration.

You will be greatly missed,

but never forgotten.

Everything dies.
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Hi there once again.

Well it's been a long long time since i posted anything about myself on dA.
Since the last post(february 29th 2008) next things ocurred;

- signed onto a Faculty of electrotechnical studies in Ljubljana to study Multimedia Communications
- worked in a electronics components factory for six months over the mid 2008
- quit my job because I got accepted at Faculty and I started my studying in october 2008
- met a whole lot of nice people in the first studying year, and concluded my first year sucesfully, and I'm currently working on second year of study
- got to a point of obesity in late 2008-early 2009, since I got to 88kg at my 166cm of height
- started doing sports and changed my lifestyle and diet in august 2009 while weighting at 85kg...a did and still do a lot of running and a tons of body workout...I also started to train in martial arts in november 09(more specificaly Wing Chun) and quit smoking at the same time
- now in second studying year at 72kg and happyer than ever :D

Well....past is in the past and it's time to focus on the things to come.
First of i'm currently working on my other dA profile, that will be a little more "serious" as in terms of having only completed and refined works posted there. I'll start with posting some of my older stuff, that has also been posted on this profile, but many pieces will be either retouched, or those which were B/W coloured, e.t.c.
While focusing my best efforts on that profile, i'll still try to update this one with works of all kinds, sketches, drawings and other.

so check my "more refined" work on  my bvolkart profile and keep in touch :D


Boštjan Volk a.k.a. Stereoid
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2000 profile visits

thanks everyone

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i finished paint job on MY guitar and i'm doing my friends at this time.

my stratoHORROR is done as far as i'm concerned, though pickup, pickguard and string change shall follow shortly(btw i'm switching to humbuckers and heavyer strings :XD:)'s been a painful proces, especialy sanding stuff and some flaws have been done that are quite visible, but don't affect anything in general(except the looks lol) but it came out somewhat satysfying and mods that i done(fixing the grounding and stuff) have reduced the noise for about 70% so it's almost ok now considering sound and all.......headstock has been reshaped from classical strat to somewhat ESP it looks more bad ass now i guess

other gutar that i'm working on is my friends YAMAHA(forgot the model)......he comissioned me, 'cuz he's switching to EMGs and he also wanted some dents and stuff fixed and of course new color and paintwork.....this one is going by far better than my horrorcaster, considering that mine is from plywood(sanding horror yeah) and his is from maple i i'm now in the middle of the airbrushing and stuff......but i'll start with clear coating this in about 3-4 weeks you may expect photos of it(it'll be evil, i promise)......but for now i'll post only photos of mine fake strat, which is now called Black No.1(from TON song of the same name...why?....well compare my fretboard to the one from Peter Steele's bass and you'll know why...)........wnd will be posted as soon as i get some strings on it(5 to go XP) and steal my dad's camera............until then.......well.....stay tuned