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By stepout
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Hi, all!  I run a mental health site for teens, and I am currently in need of submissions.  I hope to start a little 'chapter' of my project on devianART.  Mental illness touches the lives of almost everyone, whether it be through a family member, friend, or firsthand experience.  Many of you have probably dealt with ADHD, OCD, GAD, panic disorder, social phobia, depression, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder.

There has always been a little wive's tale about the mentally ill being unusually creative.  In a way, this assumption makes sense, as we experience extreme emotions which, in turn, influence our art.  My project is all about showcasing our talents and sharing our experiences.  

If you are a teen who has dealt with mental illness, please consider submitting your work for this project.  Submissions can be in the form of prose, poetry, traditional artwork, photography, graphic artwork, digital manipulations, mixed media montages, etc.  

To submit your work, please reply to the post, send me a note with the link, visit my website at, or e-mail me at

Thank you for your interest!  Use your creativity to make a difference!
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If your with this mental help how do people know you have OCD or overracting hmm I couldn't ev tell my boyfriend he didn't believe me hmm how would you ab le to help?
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Oops, my bad. Try this one.

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Hey, I made this...dunno if it's what you're looking for.

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You should get in contact with the head moderator at *assorted-nuts. :)
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Could you explain a little more about what exactly happens to submissions? Is this a dA-based group? An off-dA gallery?
I'm new to dA, so for now all submissions will be featured in a gallery that I'm in the process of coding for my site, [link] Depending on how big the project gets, the artwork may also be featured in some print media (with you permission first, of course) to help raise awareness. I would eventually love to tie this in to a dA-based group, but, like I said, I still just trying to find my way around. Any tips/suggestions on how to do this would be most appreciated!
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Well, I'll be the first to admit my skepticism with sites outside of dA. I think I can safely say that many deviants, especially in literature, will be wary of posting work outside the site, just because of the large amount of scams in operation (not that your site is one).

If the size of the organization or references to past activities are available, they might help surmount this obstacle somewhat, and if the organization is new, well, it may just take some time.

Perhaps the operation could be dichotomous, with a club for deviants and an off-dA site for non-deviants? I'm sure you could promote any dA-based club with the help of =ProsePlease or =PoetryPlease. They're both large literary communities with plenty of young writers.
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I think its an amazing idea... just too bad I'm no longer a teen :-) I wish I'd had the help of resources like that when I was a couple years younger :-)
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