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Back from the dead, new blog post.

It's been such a long time...
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Yes...the rumors are true, today is my birthday. I'm a whopping 26 years old. :wow:

Check the blog post for all the nerdy details.

A very Star Wars birthday
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After about a month of tinkering, recoloring, adjusting, etc, I think my blog is finally ready. I've already made a few posts on it, but it still wasn't *complete" enough for a relaunch, but I think it's done now.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, it's so much brighter and full of life and color now (mostly thanks to the new header). :love:

Check it out:
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Yesterday I spent most of the day updating the customize section of my blog, since those pages haven't been updated in ohhh 2 years. :X

If you're into customizing your Windows pc, check them out. I have a rather large list of recommended Windowblinds skin as well as some themes for Bootskin, CursorXP/FX, and Logonstudio.

Have fun. ;)
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I've been meaning to make this rant for a while, but oh well.

Why do so-called "skinners" release unfinished skins? I see this a *lot* with ports. These skinners spend so much time porting the skin, but neglect to skin the shellstyle and then only include a Styler toolbar (not everyone uses that), don't make normal toolbar icons, and no animations. What's the point? Why be half-assed about it? Is it really that difficult to fully complete a skin?

I've downloaded a lot of these skins and then don't use them much because I hate using an unfinished skin. With a lot of them I've just borrowed images from other skins for the logoff/shutdown/pleasewait dialogs. I do the same with toolbar icons, just using some from another skin. I can do the same with the shellstyle, but it would just be nice if these skinners would actually complete the job they've started. *sigh*

Well, didn't mean to totally flood the Fanart Drawings category but I was bored and my blog was down, so I decided to upload some drawings I did since I've been a member for almost a year and hadn't uploaded anything. :S