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To be honest, as you guys may have seen from all my recent journals, the road to publishing Twilight Princess has been quite a difficult one.  I am still not finished with my attempts, as once I complete revisions of the first part, I will be sending it along to DAW books to try to reel in a publisher's interest (they take up to 3 months to respond).  And I will hit other publishers that look at unsolicited, unagented authors if DAW doesn't go for it.

And I still have a card to try with an old college professor.

BUT - if all these avenues prove fruitless, there isn't going to be much else I can do currently to try to publish this work and give fans the luxury of a hard copy, and I will not self-publish or go the route of adding it to some other online e-book type place.  If this doesn't get published, I will just have to settle with sharing it as an online format here and on my official TP site.  No where else.

While PART I is away at DAW books, I'll be revising the rest of the book in that three-month span.

And if this doesn't happen, (in that it isn't published) I've decided that on the side of writing on my other original works, books and movie scripts alike, that I will try my hardest at adapting another Zelda game.  I'm sure that's an exciting prospect for a lot of you!  It is for me!  I may even work on another one even if a publisher does take an interest in TP.  I have not yet decided which game I would adapt, but there is a poll running on my site for fans to cast a vote so I can judge popularity.  You can cast your vote here: twilightprincessnovel.weebly.c…

I may not adhere to popular fan demand in the poll, as I have my favourite picks as well, but it gives me an idea.  IF I enter into writing another one, it may take me another 5 or 6 years to finish it because it would be just like TP, a spare time writing project, and I have less spare time these days.  It'd probably take me a while to settle on which adventure to write anyhow, and longer to sit down and do the initial outline of how I would want to go about doing it.

But anyway, whatever happens, I plan to continue giving back to the Zelda fan community and sharing the love we all have of Zelda. Whether it be a published volume/s of Twilight Princess or a new adventure, I want to continue spreading these adventures.  I've noticed that you guys have really taken to the way I've retold Twilight Princess and a lot of you long-time supporters and new fans finding the project have been asking the reigning question of whether I will write another one.  I don't think I can bear to ignore these requests any longer.

So, cast your vote on the poll, and share your opinion here if you want.  And please, don't hound me about if I've decided which one yet, or when I might start, or when the first chapter might be seen, or any of those things about this new adaptation project.  All I can say is that it won't be any time soon.  I have revisions to finish on TP, original work I MUST work on primarily, and I likely won't start writing on a new adaptation until after I at least hear back from DAW books (which, as I've said, I can't submit to until I complete PART I revisions).  The most I can say is that I may have made a decision in at least four-to-six-months' time.

Like I said about my attempts at publishing Twilight Princess recently:  "I ain't done yet."  But I thought you guys would like to know all the requests for another adaptation have not gone unheard, and each time someone has asked the question a little part of me died knowing I had to say "No, not at the moment" because I just have too many responsibilities.  But now, I want to make it happen.  The Zelda community has terrific fans, and you guys are the best.  I want to keep giving in the best way I know how.

Keep Adventuring, my friends,
--Stephonika ^_^

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I just think you're doing a wonderful job with your ambitions and hard work at the TP novel. I wish you all the luck and whatever you decide I will continue being a follower.