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:bulletgreen: T H E  L E G E N D  O F  Z E L D A:  T w i l i g h t  P r i n c e s s :bulletgreen:
[Note: I am currently powering through my FINAL revisions. Once you click on a chapter, all completed chapters will read "FINAL" in the title. Those I'm still reworking will still be listed with "Rev" to note that they are still only in their second or third revision.]

Chapters with their revised versions uploaded are marked with an (*).
Chapters having received further revisions (sections edited/revised after previous edit) are additionally marked with (ђ).
Please note that the first few chapters with the :bulletpurple: bullet are OLD versions of the chapter above it!

*PROLOGUE: Of Symbols and Whispers [FINAL version]  :bulletred: Audio Book 2 Minute Preview!!
*Chapter 1: The Hylian of Ordon
:bulletpurple: ORIGINAL CH.1: "Ilia" / ORIGINAL CH.2: "Across the Giants of the Wood"
Chapter 2: The Howl of Twilight
:bulletpurple: ORIGINAL CH.3: "Delays" / ORIGINAL CH.4: "Into the Twilight"
*Chapter 3: Shadowed Faces
:bulletpurple: ORIGINAL CH.5: "A Dark Transformation" / ORIGINAL CH.6: "The Shadowed Face"
*Chapter 4: A Reluctant Partnership
*Chapter 5: Ordona's Song
*Chapter 6: Hero Chosen by the Gods
*Chapter 7: The Shade
*Chapter 8: A Baboon's Boomerang
*Chapter 9: With Every Step
*Chapter 10: Crossing the Gorge
*Chapter 11: Sanctuary
*Chapter 12: Reunions
Chapter 13: True Strength
*Chapter 14: Plea of the Gorons
*Chapter 15: Common Ground
*Chapter 16: The Fifth Ordonian
*Chapter 17: Domain in Distress
*Chapter 18: The Interlopers
Chapter 19: Lost Memories
Chapter 20: A Knight's Ride to Kakariko
*Chapter 21: Zoran Gifts
*Chapter 22: The Merging of Light and Shadow
*Chapter 23: The Blade of Evil's Bane
Chapter 24: Banishments
*Chapter 25: Across the Dunes of Gerudo Mesa
*Chapter 26: The Ghouls of the Grounds
*Chapter 27: Tale of the Demon Thief
*Chapter 28: Follow the Reekfish
*Chapter 29: A Shard of Yeta
*Chapter 30: Temple of the Past
Chapter 31: Dominion over the Ancient *PART 1 / *PART 2
*Chapter 32: The Letter
*Chapter 33: A Princess's Trinket
Chapter 34: Last of a Race
Chapter 35: Celestia
Chapter 36: Master of the Sky
*Chapter 37: The Curse
*Chapter 38: Under the Sheikah's Mantle
*Chapter 39: The Usurper's Last Stand
Chapter 40: Through the Barrier *PART 1 / *PART 2
*Chapter 41: The Puppet Master
*Chapter 42: Unleash the Beast
*Chapter 43: Her Sacrifice
*Chapter 44: Light Unto Wisdom
Chapter 45: The Power of Courage PART 1 / PART 2
Chapter 46: Serenity in Shadow PART 1 / PART 2
Chapter 47: The Saddest Tear PART 1 / PART 2
Chapter 48: Return to the Sacred Grove
EPILOGUE: Of Heroes and Legends

I look forward to seeing this to the finish, and I hope you'll stick with me! Enjoy. ^_^

I am in a wonderful mood, despite still getting over a whopper of a cold, and in celebration of my good spirits and to the ongoing revival of the online novel I've been working on for nearly 5 years now, I am posting up this full table of contents of all chapters (and revised ones).  Plus, rewatching walkthroughs and right now listening the ZREO's music of TP, I can honestly say how much I miss playing Twilight Princess.  Perhaps I will replay it myself when I have wrapped on my writing and revisions of this novel.

Also, if I am to be more effective in my proposals to get this thing published, it's in your hands, the supporters and fans, to help me get as many views/hits on these chapters as possible AND positive comments.  If there are well-established Zelda fan sites out there, and there are ways to get into contacts with the admins, let's see if we can get their support to post if not the whole thing on their site, a link to these pages, or an article about it, or at least a couple chapters. Something, to get us more attention and to get our chances raised for publication!

Now, on to the matter at hand.  Some of the later chapters are still titles in progress and may change come time I write the chapters, but these are mostly what they'll end up being. And, I've done some rearranging of unwritten chapters again.  You know, trying to get things perfect, so there is I think one or two less chapters than previously stated.
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I need a paper copy of this book! The detail is amazing and it truly is an addictive story, one which if it were on paper, I would not be able to put down.