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A Mothers Day...Thing?
“Claire, are you coming honey?” Hayden called, putting on his jacket.
“J-just a moment. I can’t get this stupid cow lick to stay down.”
“We’re going to be late for the movie.” Hayden called. “Don’t worry about a dumb cowlick.”
“DID YOU JUST CALL ME A COW!?” Claire snapped, waddling out of the room. Her belly was now large and round, carrying their baby. She had on a nice shirt and pants, but looked about ready to pop like a zit. He still loved her, but Hayden had to admit that ever since she’d become pregnant, Claire had been very easily agitated and emotional. It was difficult, but he swore he’d stay with her no matter what.
“No, I didn’t. You’re just a bit frustrated.”
“Sorry I…I just feel REALLY out of it.” She confessed.
“I know dear but…Claire?” Hayden paused when he saw his wife’s face contort in pain. She bent forward and cau
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 14 12
Change of Perspective, Chapter 4
The meal ended quickly because everybody seemed to be hungry enough to eat a live cow. After that, we just sat around talking for awhile.
“I didn't expect to see you again outside gymnastics,” I said after taking a drink. “You didn't say Harry was the cousin that you knew.”
She munched down on her salad. “I didn't know you knew Harry. It was just as much of a surprise to see you walking in here, but not an unpleasant one. He never mentioned any of his roommates.”
Nigel said, “Oh, I’ve only been here a couple days.”
“Where are you from?”
“Mablethorpe, in Lincolnshire. East side of England.”
“Oh, wow. I think I’ve only met one other Brit in my life, and I dated him for maybe a week before he dumped me for some dumb slut who couldn't keep a guy out of her pants long enough to order fast food.”
Nigel blushed. “Well, there can be some of us who are eccentric.”
She turned to Billy.
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 7 2
Change of Perspective, Chapter 3
“Kyo Mizushima, eh?” the gymnastics trainer asked as I walked into the gym. “Didn’t your admissions paperwork list you as male?”
I laughed nervously. “That was a friend playing a joke on me. See, I’m still not great at the English writing part, so I asked this friend to fill out my paperwork, and she filled out male information because ‘Kyo’ is ambiguous in Japanese.” It was only a complete and total lie except for Kyo being unisex. I prayed it would work.
The trainer sighed. “Next time your friend wants to play a joke, make damned certain it's not on official documentation.”
I nodded. “Right.” I rubbed at my arm like a five year old. “Is everything in order?”
She nodded. “Get changed, exercises begin in ten minutes.”
I walked across the gymnasium to where the locker rooms were. After a brief second where I nearly walked into the boy's changing room, I found myself in the
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 7 0
Change of Perspective, Chapter 2
My door opened and closed, but I wasn’t looking at who did it. It wasn’t long before Kimmy came into view and answered the question anyway. She opened my curtains, exposing the room to the sunlight of midday outside. I covered my head with my blanket and turned back around to face the door.
“Nope, you don’t get to do that,” she said, pulling the blanket off of me and forcing me to sit up. My hair flipped around me, only bringing to mind that people made fun of me for my long hair when I was a guy, now it looked normal. “Get your sorry ass up, we’re going shopping.”
“Why?” I asked. That voice still wasn’t something I was used to. Granted, I’d only been hearing it for two hours.
“Because you need new clothes and a distraction.” She pulled one of my unopened cardboard boxes in front of me and sat down. “Now let’s get going.”
I yawned. “I’m already a girl, I don’t wanna b
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 7 0
Change of Perspective, Chapter 1
“Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah!” Harry shouted in my ear. I glared at him for a second, then went right back to playing Resident Evil 7. “C’mon, Kyo, this is gonna be great!”
I rolled my eyes. “Yeah. I moved all the way from Japan specifically to live in a dorm with only four other people.”
He plopped down on the couch beside me. “At least one of ‘em’s Kimmy,” he said, turning his head to stare at Kimmy, who was unloading some of her stuff in the dorm lounge. She was definitely something to look at, but I wasn’t just gonna stare at her like Harry was.
I sighed and turned back to the game. The controller's battery was starting to die. I grabbed the charger cable and plugged it in, then got back to slaughtering fungus monsters in an old house in Louisiana.
Kimmy walked over to the couch and dropped onto it on the other side of me from Harry. “Ooh! There's a repair kit for the broken shotgun in th
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 12 0
Noticing, Day 3
“Hurry up, Ash!” Laurie said from outside the bathroom. I woulda said something back, but whatever I had eaten the night before had given me a diarrhea fit something awful. I wasn’t outright groaning, but nothing about this was comfortable.
When I was done, I almost wanted to step on the scale and weigh myself to see if I’d lost a visible amount of weight. It felt like I had, that was for sure. I decided against it, though. I had to get ready for school and Laurie needed her shower. I just splashed a little water on my face and then left the bathroom.
I walked into my room and grabbed my phone. There was a text from Grant.
Sck, wont be at scool, he said. He was probably shitting himself stupid, just like I was. Made me wonder what he’d eaten last night. Great, now I had scripts to get to him and no way to get them to him until I type them up after school. Maybe I could get them typed up in a free period.
I pulled off my sleep shorts an
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 7 0
Noticing, Day 2
I smacked my alarm clock to shut it off and sleep in a little bit more. Since when did I set an alarm clock? I generally woke up on time regardless. Meh. I must have been concerned I wouldn’t. I didn’t even want to open my eyes. I’d been having a weird dream that I sorta wanted to get back to because I wanted to remember it. I wanted to use it as the basis for a part of our webcomic. The damn birds were chirping again. Stupid birds.
After 20 minutes of not sleeping in, I slid out of bed and onto my floor. Yancy, our dog, walked into my room and started licking my face. It tickled a little, but I got to petting him and he calmed down some. I hurried him out of the room so that I could go take a shower.
As the water ran down my body I went to grab my razor and shaving cream. I didn't know why, because I usually shaved in front of the mirror. That didn't change, either. All I shaved in the shower was my legs. I felt better afterward, but I still couldn't figure ou
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 10 1
Noticing, Day 1
I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and an annoying reminder that I had to get ready for school manifested in the form of my twin sister banging on my door and yelling at me to get my ass out of bed. I sat up and yawned, then fell right back down and closed my eyes. “Go away, Laurie!” I shouted through the door. It didn’t take long for her to open the door and stand there, cross armed, with a glare on her face. “Go away,” I said more calmly.
“Dad’s been trying to get you up for ten minutes now, the bus is gonna be here any second!”
I covered my head with a pillow. “I went to school yesterday, why wasn’t that good enough?”
I heard her walk over to something in my room, pick it up, and then drop it on me. I found out seconds later that it was my bookbag. “Get up and get dressed. Like four minutes to bus.”
I let the bookbag hit the floor and pulled myself out of bed. I was still tired, but it was the hango
:iconbandage131:Bandage131 10 1
The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Part 2
I looked at the clock for about the billionth time. Twenty minutes had passed since I texted Terry, and still he was nowhere to be seen. The asshole only lived three houses away from me. I couldn’t stand just sitting on my bed waiting for something to happen, I had to go do something.
It occurred to me that I hadn’t really taken a look at myself since I woke up. Sure, I knew what I looked like, but I hadn’t really taken a look at myself. I walked over to the mirror on my closet door and took a good, long look at the girl I’d become.
Had I been a guy, a girl that looked like I did now would have probably given me the hardest boner I could imagine. I had the curviest figure possible for a sixteen year old girl, wide hips and huge boobs. If they weren’t D cups, I’d be amazed. My hair had been brown before, and it was fiery red now. My face, though obviously Eve’s, looked somewhat like my mother’s. I wondered if Eve had d
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Eva by The-Knight-Writer Eva :iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 19 13 I'm Stuffed(lol) by The-Knight-Writer I'm Stuffed(lol) :iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 34 8
(NEW) I Live With A Witch (Chapter 1)
There was a ringing in my ears…and my head felt like it was pounding wildly. I wanted to rub my forehead and temples to settle the throbbing, but my arms didn’t want to listen to what I wanted. Why was it so dark? It couldn’t be night out, right? I groggily opened my eyes and the darkness was split apart by the dim light pouring into a strange room I hadn’t seen before. The ceiling above me was wooden and rustic looking. I turned my head slightly and the surface my head rested on rustled slightly. There was a large window to my right which had bright sunlight pouring in through it, illuminating the room and allowing me to make out the setting I now found myself in. There was a chest of drawers across the room from the bed I was now in. The bed, which I now realized was rather large and soft, had white sheets, and the pillow my head was resting on must’ve been filled with feathers, because it had the softness yet slight rustling pinch that came from thousan
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 44 34
I Live With A Witch (Chapter 24)
We were all back at the cabin. I was still a neko toddler, sitting in Eva's lap. She was sitted at the table and staring at the wooden surface lost in her thoughts. I leaned back to try and make eye contact, but she didn't seem to notice me. Eva's mother was darting around the kitchen, making tea from the looks of it. She didn't speak and she didn't look at us. I felt nervous. I had met Eva's father, and I knew what he was like...but what was Eva's mother like? What would she think of me? How would she respond?
After what felt like an hour, she turned and sat down at the table. She placed a cup of tea in front of Eva and herself. She then pulled out a small glass of milk and placed it in my little hands. I was going to explain that I could drink tea as well...but the kitten in me was too excited by the milk. I began sipping away happily, blushing a little in embarrassment. While I drank my milk, Eva and her mom didn't touch their tea.
"So, when were you going to tell me about him?" Eva
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 28 23
I Live With A Witch (Chapter 25)
When all had cleared, I looked around me. The place I stood seemed so oddly familiar. I knew it well…but I couldn’t place it off the top of my head. The houses surrounding me were big and upper class, but the buildings not far away looked much less inviting. There was a cold nip in the air, and the sky was just as dark and empty as when I had left.
“Do you know this place, Christian?” Eva’s mother asked me. I nodded, slowly starting to remember.
“This was my old neighborhood…My old home…I thought that I’d left it behind, a long time ago.” I answered. She nodded and walked next to me.
“Do you know why I brought you here?” She asked. I shook my head this time.
“It’s part of my punishment right?” She sighed and turned me to face her.
“Christian, you need to learn the consequences of your actions…and you need to understand what will happen if Eva ever is discovered to be a witch.
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 29 45
I Live With A Witch (Chapter 26)
I can’t say that things went back to normal after that night with Eva’s mom and that punishment. Eva’s mom had left and Eva and I had the house to ourselves again. Eva tried to smile and act like nothing had changed, and though I desperately wanted that to be the case…I knew it wasn’t. The truth was that I hadn’t smiled once since that night. Though it was all an illusion and none of it had been real…it seemed so frighteningly real. My fists still remember the blood on them…and my mouth still remembers the taste of that blood.
More than anything though…I remember the rage…that anger. I felt the adrenaline….the fury in my heart. I wanted to destroy and to kill. I wanted to inflict as much pain as I could and when I finally did get to…I was relishing it. It was just like the old days when I fought for a living. It took me back. I hated that feeling. The worst part was that I just couldn’t forget it. No
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 36 24
I Live With A Witch (Chapter 27)
I sat in the living room, waiting on Eva to return from the backyard. She had wanted to go and grab some peaches…which I first found odd because the only fruit trees she had were apple trees…but she simply winked at me and told me “that’s not an issue.” I took her word for it and let her go. I lay back in the chair and sighed. Things had really improved since that day at the park…and things had gotten a lot better between Eva and I. It was like we’d torn down a barrier between us that day…a barrier I didn’t even know existed.
“I’m back!” I looked up to see Eva walking through the door. In her arms was a basket of peaches and a newspaper on top of the fruit. She set the basket down and grabbed a peach. She quickly washed it in the sink and took a bite. The juices dripped down the sides of her mouth and she giggled. “Tasty!”
“Can I see the paper?” I asked. Eva nodded and handed it to me. E
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 29 30





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I really wish I could write....or at least draw decently. But with my college schedule, it's pretty much next to none for me to have the time. Is there any advice someone can give me on how to write or draw should I actually find the time to do these things?
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