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Shimeji: Canada-San

EDIT 02/08/12: Someone has graciously re-uploaded most of my Shimejis for me, so the links are now fixed for Canada! Thank you for your patience!

EDIT: Fixed the external link. Sorry for my fail. *DERP*
Also, several people are having a similar problem that I had once with their shimeji. They download it, and it doesn't work. A remedy to this is to download the Denmark shimeji, copy all the files and programs inside there EXCEPT the img file, and then paste them all in the Canada-San folder. If this does not work, I am not certain what the problem could be.

Following the crazy trend, I jumped on the shimeji bandwagon, and made yet another Canada Shimeji~!

Shimejis are useless computer mascot programs! hey look cute, throw things around on your computer, multiply, and generally annoy you while being utterly adorable at the same time. I love them~!

I used !crazy-chibi's England and ~HGNDS's Canada as base models~!

Please be patient: this is only my first attempt, so it'll be a little glitchy looking. I'm still mastering the pixelating/cell shading tecnique that makes !crazy-chibi's shimejis so damn pretty~<3

This Canada:

-Climbs walls and ceiling
-Sits and stares blankly
-Lays around in a druggie daze. ;D
-Explores old childhood memories
-Is beside himself
-And celebrates~!

By right-clicking one of the Canada-sans, you can call up the "Bye-Bye~!" command. By right clicking the flag icon in the 'Hidden Icons' menu, you can call up this list:

1. Add 1 more
2. Come Here! (Follows the mouse)
3. Leave Just One
4. Get Back the IE (get your windows back if the shimeji has thrown them offscreen. This also works if they throw your MSN window away.)
5. Bye Bye!

Credit goes to Group-Finity for the original! ( [link] )

List of Shimeji I like so far:

!crazy-chibi : England ([link] ) and Japan ([link] )
~Lichtherz : France ([link] ) and Norway ([link] )
~yellowmellow91 : USA ([link] )
!haagen-dazs : Denmark ([link] )
=achromia : Prussia ([link] )
~Setsu-sama : Russia ([link] )
~HGNDS : Canada ([link] )
~offensivebehavior : America ([link] )
~zarla : Fem!Hunter ([link] )

There are lots more, so be sure to look everywhere~!


How to install it:

Click here (or the download button up at the top of the page, beside the preview pic) for the ZIP: [link]

RAR: [link]

If anyone would like a RAW, let me know, and I will provide one. Otherwise, WINZip should work just fine for extracting this little puppy~!

More coming in the future~!
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Does,this work for mobile?
X0XunknownX0X's avatar
T^T whenever i try to run the shimeji it wants me to download this java thing and even when i do it still wont load i need help on what to do.......
AlexisBarnes's avatar
I had this problem a lot, all u need to do is click the jar file instead of the application file, the jar shold be under the application :)
Silvursh0res721's avatar
Aaaaaa he's so cute I legit couldn't stop screaming to my friend

Btw just a little feedback, the walking animation could use a bit of work but everything else is freaking adorable!!! i love iT
LucarioTheAuraGuard's avatar
You have to extract him first. I'm having a little bit of trouble with doing that too though...
iluvbunbun12's avatar
oh my god. I looked up America shimeji and this came up.
JinxX-000's avatar
The Java JAR file “Shimeji.jar” could not be launched.

Any way to fix that for mac?
Kotania's avatar
First, which program are you using? ZIP or RAR?
JinxX-000's avatar
Ahh, I already fixed it! No worries! uwu
Kotania's avatar
MuggleJules's avatar
MarsC-2015's avatar
Hi! Trying to help:

For Mac users, try this tutorial that can fix things:…
MuggleJules's avatar
redox96485's avatar
Very fun!  These guys are adorable, and I'm delighted.  Installed Java 6 on my Win 8 machine, ran America's batch file and it worked fine (application file gave no visible animation, but someone ran off with my IE window, so it was working on some level).  Had to minimize command window, but having lived through DOS era, I don't find that a problem. Ran Canada through application file, with no problem.
KatFeatheroxo's avatar
i got a italy shimeji not a canada shimeji i closed the file and i went back to get it in downloads and "Canada Shimeji by StephODell" was in there ????
cute anyways was gonna download it l8r .O.
KatFeatheroxo's avatar
how do i make it for..
not java 6?? Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2] 
RikuMenome's avatar
it doesnt work at keeps on saying i need a new JAVA thing and ive alreay downloaded it like 10 times
WuerdGirl's avatar
KeseKatze's avatar
When I get on my other computer, I will download this sexyness.........I love canada...............
MuzzieWuzzly's avatar
This is so cute omg so much thanks for making thissississss<33
emolovesmonster's avatar
is this program in english every time i try and download it it pops up in Japanese .
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