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Undertale Wallpaper: Pacifist Picnic (spoilers)



After all the work I put into the last panel of page 13 of Just Cause, I wanted people to be able to appreciate it in all its full-sized glory. Fortunately, I planned ahead and created it in a separate file as a full-sized wallpaper before adding it to the comic. ^_^

In this flashback, the Barrier is broken, the core group of friends is together, the spaghetti is on the battery-powered stove, and Papyrus and Alphys are having a culinary argument while Undyne enjoys her friends' display of fighting spirit. It's the happy calm before the storm.

If you haven't seen the comic yet, and you'd like to start reading it from the beginning, here's the first page:…

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Alphys and Papyrus being "gatekeepers" in their own ways. :giggle: They both also have "keymaster" tendencies, so maybe that balances out.