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Undertale Wallpaper: Lost Soul Sans



This is a bigger, fancier version of a panel in Just Cause where Frisk is remembering Lost Soul Sans.

In the comic, the background is black, but for the wallpaper, I wanted to do something similar to the colorful special effects we see in the background of the battle with Asriel. But instead of glitchy abstract patterns, I wanted this background to reflect Sans' psyche, and to use some of the colors associated with his soul.

The pale blue is one of the colors his eye flashes. In Undertale, this color is associated with patience. The twelve stripes represent the twelve hours on the clock, which in turn represents time and the time loops that have become the bane of Sans' existence.

The dark blue is the color skeletons turn your soul when they use blue magic on you. It's vaguely heart-shaped in this picture, but fuzzy and tumultuous, like the distorted personalities of the Lost Souls.

At the edges of the image, the yellow associated with justice - the other color Sans' eye flashes - and the purple of Karmic Retribution lurk. These aspects of Sans don't come into play in the pacifist route, but they're always there, just in case you decide to betray him.

All four of these colors are a bit darker in this image than they are in the game; at their full brightness, they made the background far too loud and busy, and threatened to drown out Sans. Sans might still be a bit drowned out even now; I've been working on this long enough to start losing perspective a bit.

If you want to start reading the comic from the beginning, here's the first page:…

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First of all, this piece had a very positive first impression. The details are nice, you could immediately tell whose the character, etc. Personally I really like how you made the glitches not that opaque, as it gives off that sort of "realistic" vibe a opposed to a solid block, since it would appear as if he's trapped behind a screen as opposed to this one where it looks like you are actually standing face to face with this pun loving skelebro.

If there's anything I'll be nitpicking, its the background. I read about the various motifs you added, the meanings behind the details you put in the background. I think that its nice as it is, but I would like to suggest various ways to improve it.

To begin, I noticed how you tried to hide some of the colors, specifically the yellow one. If you want to avoid using the actual color yellow, try using a really desaturated green. Since the color palette is mainly compromised of shades of blues and indigos, using a desaturated green will make it appear as if its the color yellow alongside the blue tones.

Now for the specifics. Beginning with the "Pale Blue". For the 12 stripes, what you could've one was draw an actual silhouette of a clock behind him, and draw in the roman numerals of the numbers as it being an emphasis for it being a clock, if you even just add the numerical numbers in a circle it would already be good enough for a "clock". If you want, you could even draw a clock, lower its opacity and sprinkle it throughout the background of the image, have some face sideways, shift perspectives, etc. You could even add a really faint glow to it, use a lighter color to emphasize its "glowiness"

For the "Dark blue, you mentioned how its supposed to be shaped like a heart. Now, I have two attacks on this particular aspect of this piece, its really fragmented, distorted and "floaty" that you need to double, even triple check to notice that its an actual heart. Now, that could be GOOD if you wanted to have that effect, the heart being an elaborate easter egg that if you notice you'll go "ahh so that's a heart". However, its BAD if you want the audience to actually notice that it's a heart because the shape is so undefined, the tip of the heart is too rounded to be noticed at a glance.

As for the yellow; its either you absolutely ditch it or you emphasize it even further. The yellow lines on the bottom look like tiretracks if anything. Its either you boldly present it via making some of the glitches yellow, maybe add the yellow as "whirls" in the purple heart, or add it as a vaguely visible glow in his eye, or you just ditch it. I noticed that there are some yellow glitches, but because of the, uhh, "lack of color theory" (couldn't phrase it better) it appears greenish and out of place. Same applies to the purple bits at the edge of the image, it looks like tire tracks. 

Here's a great tutorial on color theory that explains better what I was talking about on the yellows and such :)
Color Tutorial Part 4: Color Picking and Palettes by SarahCulture

I hope I didn't come out as rude or anything, and I hope i was able to be of any help :D

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