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Undertale Fan Art: Narrow Miss



Thought I'd share a quick sneak peek at the latest page of Just Cause. :) Have I mentioned how hard the Last Corridor is to draw?

This page has also been challenging me by getting me to draw poses and angles I've never done before, so while that does make it take a bit longer, I'd say it's still a good thing. :)

Another challenge in this comic is translating two-dimensional game graphics into 3D movements, and making them applicable to how a human would actually move.

For example, when a skeleton turns your soul blue, it's affected by gravity and you have to jump, instead of moving freely around. That makes sense, except for the fact that outside of a few special circumstances, humans are affected by gravity all the time.

So I decided that, instead of having Frisk's soul mode affect the movement of their soul, I'd make it affect the shape of the battlefield.

When Frisk is blue, the battlefield will narrow, or the attacks will become vertical, or both, forcing them to jump. When they're red, the battlefield broadens, and the attacks are horizontal instead of vertical, so they have to run around instead of jumping.

I figured it made more sense than having them pilot their soul through the air by waving their arms around like a conductor and becoming vulnerable to electric attacks.

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And I must congratulate you on your ideas. They're both fresh and testifying of your great understanding of the game.
I look forward to reading your comic!